Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fine, I'll wear a sweater.

Here in Montana, winter is not a season, it is life. We don't have seasons, we have short, sporadic breaks from winter. Right now, even though it is still August, we are transitioning into winter, enjoying a couple of weeks of rainy, overcast days that we comically refer to as "fall." I am not happy about this weather we're having, as it is an undeniable sign that it will soon be time to pack away the dresses and pull out the Tundra-wear. My friends are all so excited about this transition, talking about the return of sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything and knitted hats and gloves. I'm excited, too! I bought myself a turtleneck to celebrate!

I actually do enjoy sweater weather myself, and if we had an actual fall season here instead of two weeks of rain before months upon months of snow, I would call fall my favorite. There is one thing I'm looking forward to, and it isn't pumpkin spice. I bought some boots at the very end of winter (oh so very on sale, I might add) and I have not been able to wear them at all yet. 

Ugh, I love these boots so much that I practically hate them. The heel is a bit impractical for our slippery winters, but I will be wearing them to death while I can. Unfortunately, these fabulous boots have not been protected yet, and since I'm trying to do this thing where I take good care of my things, I will not be wearing them in this icky, wet, rainy, gross weather. So instead, I will be wearing my new statement sneakers (also bought for a criminally low sale price).

I love sneakers, and I love pink, and I love these things enough to displace my grumpiness with the crappy weather. It's the little things, right? 
In case anyone is curious, the sweater is Banana Republic, the jeans are JCPenney brand (and have surprisingly become my favorite jeans), the boots are Seychelle's Shenanigans, and the sneakers are Superga in Azalea. I'm also wearing makeup, I think, though that is mostly magic marker and paste. :)

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