Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Upgrade!

Ever buy something and love the crap out of it when you get it, then suddenly decide that you don't like it so much anymore? That is what happened with this dress, which I have decided to cycle out of my wardrobe and upgrade with something better. 

I found it at a Primark in England a couple of years ago, and I think I paid all of five American dollars for it. I really did love it when I got it; the pattern is adorable and the cut is adorable and the way it twirls is adorable. In fact, the whole thing is so adorable that it has started to make me feel just a little...juvenile.
For some reason, this worked for me when I was 33, but not so much now that I'm 35. Maybe it's because I had bangs back then? I lived in this dress the summer I bought it, but I haven't pulled it out of my closet at all this year. I just don't feel as comfortable in it as I used to. It may not look like it in the pictures, but this is one short dress; my butt is barely covered, and when I wear it, I'm constantly pulling it down. 

I have other issues with this dress, mainly the low quality. The fake chiffon is fraying at the seams, and the polyester fabric does not breathe at all. Sometimes, when you buy a five dollar dress, it ends up being a five dollar dress. Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted. Now I have vowed to buy fewer things, but to make what I do buy the best quality I can afford. So bye-bye birdie dress, hello bunny frock!

What drew me to the old dress was the cute print, so I wanted to replace it with a more sophisticated dress in a cute print. I love that from afar, this looks like a checker print or houndstooth, but up close, it's rabbits! While I don't tend to choose things with animal prints, I do love some actual animals in my prints. The fit is perfect and my butt is covered and a huge bonus: this dress has pockets! Bunnies AND pockets! I show everyone both features whenever I wear this dress, and they act like they care. It's a sweet deal. 

For the curious: The bird dress is from Primark in England, probably gone forever now. If you really want one, you can have mine. The bunny dress is from eShakti, bought online. It is semi-custom made; I got to choose the collar, sleeves, and length, which made me feel powerful beyond measure. 


  1. Is the bunny dress from their current collection? Because I want it so bad I can taste it in my mouth! !

  2. I went looking for it on their site this morning, and I didn't see it anywhere. :( I bought this in way back in February, and it was new to their collection at the time, so it's entirely possible that it's gone by now. I could be wrong, though!