Monday, August 25, 2014

It isn't over yet!

I woke up this morning to the sounds of my kids fighting over which kitten videos to watch on YouTube, and noticed something extraordinary: Sunlight leaking in around the edges of my blackout shades! The sun is back! Summer is not over yet! I feel like I won something, even though this means I will have to mow my lawn later. I decided to bribe my son to assist me in a could-be-better, direct sunlight photo shoot behind my house. It's squinty time, folks!

This is one of my favorite things to do: pair an awesome graphic tee with a fancy skirt and simple shoes. My tee is an homage to one of my favorite local bands, Hell City Kitty, who rock socks at rocking socks. I love that it's a little bit dark with a semi-swear word (aren't people allowed to say "hell" on prime time television?), making it clash with my skirt while also looking absolutely perfect at the same time. Added bonus: Black absorbs the sun, so I won't get cold! 

I mentioned that my son helped me out on this shoot... I had to bribe him with a chocolate brownie (chocolate gets things done) and then he wanted to get a few shots in, too. I let him take some self portraits, but I had to photobomb him, as is my parental right. But seriously, what a cute kid, yeah?

Part of his job was to help me manage my shoes, which are slightly heeled and not terribly compatible with the grass. I eventually had to ditch them and asked my son to take care of them for me. Here is his interpretation of the request:
I can't even be mad. It was some smart thinking, even if it isn't the best treatment of my shoes. 

For the curious: the skirt is eShakti on clearance from months and months ago, the shirt is from a merch table at a HKC show, and the shoes are Vince Camuto, an impulse purchase from Goodwill.


  1. Second photo is my favorite of you ever! And I love how the outfit turned out, loving what you're up to ladyface!

  2. Thanks so much, Amma! That second photo was purely accidental, but those tend to be the best ones, right?