Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's National Dog Day!

According to Facebook, today is National Dog Day. According to a quick Google search, today is also National Women's Equality Day and National Cherry Popsicle Day, but who cares about that? Happy National Dog Day!

Ok, those are not dogs. I'm taking some liberties here because I don't have a dog, but I do have a pair of buns. And hey, if people can celebrate Mother's Day because they have "fur babies," then I can use National Dog Day as a reason to introduce my bunnies to this blog. Meet Robert and Angel, my bunny babies!

I brought Robert home on an impulse last summer; my friend had three baby bunnies who needed homes, and she offered me a trial period with one of them. Robert was the smallest and seemed the most relaxed of the three, and I was thinking he'd be a perfect, low-maintenance pet for me and my kids. After finding out that bunnies are NOT low-maintenance and that they do better with a buddy, I went back and brought Angel home, too. They had some power struggles at first, but now they're bonded, and so freaking cute that they gross me out. 
Baby Robert. Resistance was futile.  
As I mentioned before, I don't have a dog, but my kids' dad does. She doesn't live with me anymore, but every time I make pancakes, I still make a tiny one just for her. So, in the spirit of National Dog Day, here's a picture of an actual dog, Allie. She's an old dog and a smelly dog, but she's one of the best dogs ever in the history of all dogs.

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