Monday, September 1, 2014

A birthday tribute!

Today is my mom's birthday! When I was a kid, I thought my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. I would sit and watch her turn herself from a regular mom into a movie star with shadows and lipstick and I thought, "Wow, I can't wait to be a grown-up so I can do that!" Well, I am a grown-up now, so I have decided to do a makeup tribute to my dear ma!

This photo was taken in 1986; the baby is my little brother. I wish I had more pictures of my mom from the 80's; she was smoking hot! Remember the scene in Grease after Sandra Dee gets her makeover? That was my mom. She still loves makeup and bright, bold colors, and pulls it off in a way no one else can. I decided to try to emulate her look in this photo, using gold, green, blue, and maroon shadows and a method pulled from the depths of my memory of those nights when I would watch her put on her face. 

This is a huge departure from how I usually do my makeup, but I was surprised by how much I actually liked it. No wonder my mom has such a love affair with makeup; this stuff is fun! It does take forever, though; my regular routine takes around fifteen minutes, but this look took me close to an hour to do. Of course, that could have a lot to do with the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing. 

Mom always told me to blend, blend, blend; you can wear just about any kind of makeup if you blend well enough. I don't think I could get away with this look on a regular basis, but hey, it's Mom's birthday, so anything goes! Here's a little side-by-side comparison; do you think I got it right?

Whoa. We look like we could be related! Happy birthday, Mom! Love and kisses!

For the curious: I used mostly Younique cosmetics for this look, courtesy of my awesome mom who sent me some samples. I used Angelic on the brow bone, Confident in the crease, and Playful along the lash line. The green is Sephora Emerald Green. My lashes are courtesy of Younique 3D Mascara, which I have been thoroughly impressed with. I used Maybelline Master Glaze in Pink Fever on my cheeks and NYC lipstick in Retro Red on my lips. Writing all that out makes me want a job as the person who names cosmetic colors.