Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Ugrade! Sorta!

I'm the type of person who loves ideas. Sometimes, I love the idea of something more than the actual thing. For instance, I love the idea of finding ugly clothes at the thrift store for next to nothing and using sewing skills to turn them into cute clothes. I tried this one time, and the result was reasonably decent enough to make me think I could do it again.

This was my first refashion ever, and it was pretty simple, since the dress already fit my best friend, Amma, perfectly. I just ripped out the sleeves (using my teeth and claws!) and chopped about ten feet off the bottom and hemmed it. Easy! I decided to try this again, but to go with something a bit more challenging. When I came across this interesting little frock, I knew it would be perfect for a refashion.

I rock socks in my socks!

What drew me to this dress was the pattern; how cute is that? I decided to turn this bad boy into a nice peplum top. I removed the skirt, ripped out the huge shoulder pads, tore off the sleeves (I used a seam ripper this time), and turned it around. The back was held together with a row of buttons which I removed and folded in and stitched up. All of this took hours and hours, and so much doing and re-doing and quite a lot of cursing. But hey, the end result was totally worth all the trouble!

Amazing! I'm impressed with my own work; it looks fantastic from far away and behind a tree! So good! Okay, okay, here is a bit of a better view of what I ended up with:

It doesn't look so bad in photos, but in real life, it is pretty bad. I couldn't get the v-neck to lay right no matter what I did, the removed sleeves fought with me, and the peplum is a huge mess. No big deal, though; my sister taught me that you can make any outfit look better by tossing on a blazer.

What works even better is to button up the blazer, the better to hide all the flaws with.

What's even better than that? Take the botched shirt off, vow to try to fix it later, or just stuff it in the back of your closet and forget all about it.

Yes! This is my favorite way to wear my new refashioned top: not at all! Don't fret, though, I don't feel bad about how things turned out. It was a good experience, and I learned that it's better to leave the refashions to the people who can actually sew. I'll stick to what I do best, which is hems. I even hemmed the jeans in these photos! Pretty snazzy, yes? 

For the curious: The original dress was from good old Goodwill, and I can't remember the name on the tag, but I think it was Elizabeth something or other. The blazer and camisole are both Old Navy from ages ago; I actually found the blazer from the same Goodwill store a couple of years ago. The jeans are JCPenney brand and pretty much the only jeans I ever wear. The ballet flats (hidden by the grass) are Cole Haan, bought online on clearance. 

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