Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Upgrade: Hair!

I knew it was time to cut my hair because the day before I made the appointment, I bought a ton of hair ties and clips and bobby pins. I'm a big fan of wasting money, so it was a logical step: Buy all the long-hair accouterments, and then immediately pay someone to cut your hair off. Besides, this look has been a couple of years in the making, as I have had some extreme hair changes and have been missing my natural blond for a while. Here's a short pictorial history of my hair over the last two years:
Step One: Natural color!
Step Two: Red! And yellow, and orange!

Step Three: A more normal red! And my good friend Sam!
Step Four: Blond/orange/red/yellow and fried!
I loved the red, but I hated the maintenance, and honestly, I feel the most like myself as a blonde. So I grew out the dyed hair, hid behind the popular ombre trend for a while, and then chopped it all off. This is what I consider a serious upgrade: 

Oh, yes! It's good to be me again! My new/old hair gives me such great confidence! It makes me want to put on a pretty dress and hit the town! How about some karaoke?

This song is a classic!

Ah, a nice quiet song for a nice quiet night. (Many thanks to Tyson Habein for taking this photo!)  Exciting things happen when you cut all your hair off! How about a friendly slap fight with a mustachioed man in a kilt?

There is nothing quite so invigorating as a good slap fight! You can't see it in the photos, but that man is wearing the heck out of an awesome kilt! That's my friend Tim, and he is in the process of opening his own kilt shop, which will be an amazing addition to our humble little town. And don't worry, we made nice eventually.

And what night out would be complete without the best friend?

Ah, she is so good to me, and so very tolerant of my weird, weird ways. This was a fantastic night, the best time I've had in a long time. I don't know if it was the drag queens, or the huge crowd, or the men in kilts, or the pirates, or the slap fights, or my new haircut that made it so great, but I like to think it was a little bit of everything. Part of me likes to think my new 'do brought everything else about. Yes! Maybe?

A quick note: My insanely talented friend Phil Procopio is responsible for the amazing red, orange, and yellow hair, as well as the makeup and the photograph. Phil gets credit for the hair, makeup, and photography for the Step One photo as well. :)

For the curious: My dress is from eShakti, semi-custom made for me months and months ago. My ballet flats are Lucky brand, purchased on clearance from They are a curious shade of blurple: they appear blue in some kinds of light and purple in other kinds of light, but they are always awesome. Here is a (marginally) better picture of both the shoes and the dress:

I can't control my lips. They just do that, no matter what. ;)


  1. You are tolerant of my wierd ways too, you know ;)

  2. We have complimentary weirdness, and weirdness works. :D