Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting out of a makeup rut!

Sometime during my early twenties, I settled into a makeup rut and haven't moved out of it since. I always go for the same look: slightly shimmery neutrals with an occasional cat-eye. I have decided it's time for a change, time to step outside of my comfort zone and get a new perspective on makeup. So, I called in an expert to teach me a thing or two!

I've seen what this guy can do with crayons, so I just had to see what he could do with makeup! He's got six years of life experience and I'm half certain he has seen me do my own makeup at least once, so he's more than qualified to be my makeup artist. He started with a bold red lip shade, after holding the lipstick tube up and asking, "Is this for your eyes?" He made sure to push extra hard, "Just to get it all in there."

Next up, he brushed a shimmery green shade onto my eyelids and topped it with a glittery blue. He said he chose the colors because they reminded him of his favorite slugs on Slugterra, which happens to be his favorite show.

For the final touch, he highlighted my cheekbones with some pink cream blush, making sure to get the entire cheek, not just some of the cheek.

After finishing my cheeks, he declared himself bored and therefore, finished, and offered me a mirror to see his amazing work!

This little guy is a genius! He brought out my inner beauty in a way no one else ever could! This is a look that says, "I have a face! LOOK AT MY FACE!" 

This look might also say, "Are you sure you're okay to drive?" but it's so much fun that it doesn't matter. My makeup artist was pretty pleased with his work, too! 

What an awesome professional. I'd share his contact information here, but he's booked solid for the next twelve years.

For the curious: My son used Sephora shadows for my eyes, Maybelline Master Glaze in Pink Fever for my cheeks, and Wet n Wild Purty Persimmon on my lips. When I asked him about his techniques, he said, quite simply, "Just put the stuff on your face, duh." My stripey sequined top is from, and Ryan's shirt is from his grandma, who really gets his sense of style. :)

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