Monday, September 15, 2014

Lazy Monday!

Do you ever get tired? I don't! I'm always up, always excited, always full of energy and exclamation points! My spirit animal is the cheerleader! I leap out of bed in the morning with jazz hands, and I ride a rainbow to work! But sometimes, I like to change things up a little and stay on my couch. All. Day. Long. But not because I'm tired, oh no! I just like the look of my couch!

I think of my fluffy, cushy, comfy couch as an accessory, the perfect backdrop for my casual cotton top and sweat socks. Throw on no makeup and do absolutely nothing with the hair, and it's a classic easy look!

See how well I mix my stripes? And the blue and black on the pillows look awesome next to my face! And I'm not zoning out, I'm just...modeling.

I know how this looks, but I'm not taking a nap! This is just me, doing casual right! I don't do anything halfway; twenty minutes with my face firmly planted into that pillow, and I'll have the most amazing creases on my face, taking my matching stripes to a whole new level. I should patent this method...

For the curious: My striped top is Jones New York, bought online from The jeans are the same JCPenney brand jeans that appear over and over throughout my posts. I love them. I sleep in them. I shower in them. I am one with the jeans. The socks are Hanes ankle socks, and the pillows came with the couch, where I never, ever, ever sleep. 

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