Monday, September 8, 2014


So, I was hanging around at home, taking photos of myself because this is all I ever do. Ever.

It was going great, until I noticed something...something on my face.

A MOLE! I have a mole??? Why has nobody EVER pointed this out to me, not even friends or family or small children, not even one time in my entire life? At first, this was a horrifying realization, kind of like finding spinach in your teeth, but more like finding a mole on your face.

How long have I been walking around with this massive thing on my face? What am I supposed to do about it now? The whole thing made me very, very sad.

But then I realized something: I am not helpless! I can do something about this! 

In case you also happen to find a giant mole on your face, I came up with some great ideas for hiding it! First things first, just use your hair or your hand to hide it. It's easy and no one will suspect a thing!

Or, you can draw attention down, away from the mole:

No one will even notice you have a face, let alone a mole.

Bread is always good for hiding what you don't like about your face:

Another great trick? Various dinosaur stickers:

You can always choose to just own it and draw attention to the mole by highlighting it with makeup:

Or, use bright makeup to draw attention up, away from the mole:

For a double-whammy approach, combine bright makeup with a dinosaur sticker:

Oh, yeah! I will not let this thing bring me down! You can hide just about anything as long as you have enough dinosaur stickers!

For the curious: I confess, I already knew about the mole. It has been there for ages, and it was the very first thing I ever learned to accept about my physical appearance. I'm wearing a purple Mossimo cotton v-neck from Target. The bread is Italian loaf. The makeup is all Younique, and the dinosaur stickers were given to me by my son, who is always so generous with his stuff. :)

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