Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reading is Fundamental!

Sometimes, when I'm not taking selfies or obsessing over shoes, I like to read. I'm a book fanatic, and tend to read three or four at once. Reading inspires me and makes me feel super smart, especially when I'm wearing my reading glasses. Right now I have a stack of about ten books on my coffee table, but I'm concentrating on three titles. First up, there is Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.

Did I mention I prefer to dress like the books I'm reading?  I'm not ashamed to say that I bought this shirt a good month before getting my hands on the book. Bad Feminist is a book of essays about being an imperfect feminist, and being okay with that. I happen to be a feminist who loves clothes and makeup and fashion magazines, so I feel like this book really speaks to me and my imperfect, but still feminist, ways.

I'm also reading Front Row: Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief, written by Jerry Oppenheimer.


This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure, one of those books that I read in the bathtub. It's an unauthorized biography of the notoriously icy Anna Wintour. Did you ever see the movie The Devil Wears Prada? It's one of my favorites, and the mean boss, Miranda, is partially based on Anna Wintour. I just like reminders that, though my life isn't particularly glamorous, at least I'm likable.

I'm also indulging in some great fiction, the novel Delicious! by Ruth Reichl.

I have read a few of Ruth Reichl's memoirs, and count her among my favorite writers. Her writing centers around food: incredible, gourmet food, food I've never eaten, food that I didn't even know was food. This novel is set in New York City where the main character, Billie, is a new assistant at the culinary magazine, Delicious!, where she eats food and talks about how amazing the food is, which makes me want to eat food, too. Food and books. Books and fashion. Fashion and food. Yes, yes, and yes. :)

For the curious: My Bad Feminist tee was purchased from Teespring. The white button up in the Anna Wintour photo is Banana Republic, the skirt is Elie Tahari, purchased from, and the fuschia wedges are Nine West, an awesome find from the Goodwill in Bozeman, MT. My floral peplum top in the final photos is from, the black cardigan is from The Limited, the jeans are JCPenney, and the flats are Cole Haan.

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