Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stylin' stairs!

I know I said you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, but after doing a little research, I learned that I made that whole thing up. You can wear white whenever you want, and safely! Good thing, too, because I practically live in my white jeans. They are so inspiring and bright, and they give me so much energy! I can do anything in my white jeans! I can run up stairs in my white jeans! Check me out, all revved up!

Aw, yeah, I can do this for miles! These sneakers have arch support; I am unstoppable!

Holy crap, these steps are steep! And there are so many of them! And it's not like they lead to anything really cool, just more grass and trees. A tiny break won't hurt...

So, I guess I'm in really bad shape and can't handle stairs like I thought. But at least I made some good distance before calling it quits! Besides, physical prowess doesn't matter when you're wearing a great outfit. This tee is one of my favorites; how could I not love a tiger-headed man playing a guitar? 

I had to get this bag because I'd never seen anything like it before. A neon yellow Lucite clasp opening? I don't even know what that means, but I love it!

That opening really is cool. I am a little obsessed with the mechanics of it, especially how it is held shut with tiny magnets. I sit around and just open and close it for hours, giggling maniacally every time it snaps shut. Bonus: It creaks a little, making it sound like a tiny door! How I wish it were easier to keep myself entertained...

For the curious: The tee is from Music Villa in Bozeman, MT, and was a gift from my boyfriend, who has the same shirt. We don't wear them on the same days...yet. The white jeans are the same Mossimo by Target jeans from past posts, and they will appear on this blog again and again. Same goes for the Azalea Superga sneakers. The bag is Folli Follie, bought from a consignment shop.

All photos for this post were taken by the incredible Sabrina Coleman, who will be helping out with many more shoots in the future. :) 

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