Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yard work!

I love doing yard work! I never feel more chic than when I'm pushing my old-school electric mower around my half-dead lawn. And why wouldn't I? Check me out, doing work!

As you can see, I like to match my outfit to my yard work accessories; I never miss a chance to be stylish. Of course, that orange extension cord can be a bit tricky, but I try to work it in, too. It looks like I'm fighting with it, but I'm just styling it, making it work. 

 Mowing in wedges has its challenges, mainly the fact that it's a bad idea and just doesn't work. But hey, I'm compromising a bit here: I'm not wearing heels!

Man, that is hard work, but I do love it! My little mower is not self-propelled, but it has a great vintage look and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I think I'll use it to tote my bag around on my next outing, possibly start a new trend. It's just too cute to stay locked up in a shed, right?

For the curious: My awesome skirt is from the clearance rack at Oasis, a shop in a mall in England. My yellow tee is from a local boutique, The Walk In Closet. The belt is Kate Spade Saturday, obtained online and on clearance. The shoes are Colin Stuart, and they pre-date my daughter, who is almost ten. The fact that I can still wear them makes them the best purchase ever. 

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