Friday, October 31, 2014


For the past couple of weeks, I have been going back and forth on whether or not to go out tonight. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I normally go all-out on my costumes, like these:
Black and White Movie Star

Lichtenstein Comic Girl

Zombie with Fabulous Shoes

Okay, that last one wasn't from Halloween, but it was a wear-a-costume function, and I did put a lot of time and effort into it, so I'm including it. I usually come up with a relatively complicated idea for a costume two days before Halloween and find myself scrambling to get it together in time. The results are decent, but never quite up to my expectations, so I end up feeling stressed and disappointed. I also have a problem with people not "getting" my costume. The Lichtenstein comic girl may be a popular choice lately, but when I went out like that three years ago, I spent the entire night explaining it to people. Most people thought I was a small pox victim with a thought bubble.

Last year, I spent Halloween on my boyfriend's couch, feeling quite like death thanks to a mysterious illness. This year, I'm just not feeling Halloween. My boyfriend left a few days ago; he is in Ireland for a month, and I miss him. I'm broke and I'm tired and I'm feeling like I need a night at home, in my sweatpants. Maybe I'll watch some scary movies, just to implement some of the Halloween spirit. My kids will be coming by later to do some trick or treating. Their costumes are pretty cute; my daughter is going as Pippi Longstocking, and my son is going as a lamp.

I can't help but laugh whenever I look at this picture of my son dressed as a lamp! He declared his choice earlier this month, and I thought he was just kidding around, or that he'd change his mind, but nope, he wants to be a lamp. He pulls it off quite nicely, doesn't he? My daughter usually wants to be some variation of a princess or a fairy, but after seeing Pippi Longstocking for the first time, she decided she wanted to be her this year. I think I'll let them have Halloween this year, but next year, I vow to get back to my tendency to overdo everything, and get out there again. I have a lot of time to plan... :) Happy Halloween, everybody! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I have a lot of scarves, but I never wear them. Some of them were gifts, but most of them I bought myself with the hope that one day, I might learn how to use them. I see other people wearing scarves and looking fantastic in them, and I think, hey, maybe I can do that! But then I get an awesome scarf and I just drape it over my neck, like so:

What else are you supposed to do with a scarf? There is absolutely no information available on this topic anywhere, not on the internet or in the real world, so I decided to wing it and come up with some new ways to wear my scarves. 

For when you don't want to choose between covering your head or covering your neck:

For when you want X to mark the spot...and draw attention to your, ahem, boobs:

For those times when you mess up and want to play it off like you didn't mess up at all:

For when you feel like raiding some tombs but your thigh holster doesn't work with your outfit and you don't have a gun, anyway:

For those times when you want to stick the scarf in your pocket, because why not:

For those moments when you realize you hate your shirt and wish you'd worn something else:

And, of course, for those times when you just can't decide on one scarf:

Okay, so I think I might need some more practice with this one, but I will not give up! Before you know it, I will be a scarf-wearing something-or-other! In the meantime, is it really so bad just to drape it over my neck? 

For the curious: I'm cheating on my regular jeans with my older regular jeans; these are from Vanity in the mall, and I forgot all about them until they fell out of my drawer the one day. Finding clothes you forgot you had is like shopping without spending money: It's good. :) The tee is Mossimo from Target, the cardigan is from TJ Maxx; the boots are B.O.C, and were a generous gift. The scarf is from Target, as are many of the others. I have no idea where I got the earrings; I forgot all about them and found them in one of my bags. I think they came from Forever 21, but I can't be sure. They are pretty cool, though. See?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Street style!

Sometimes, I walk down streets. It's an amazing occurrence, and since I am a very important and well-dressed lady person, there are always droves of people just hanging around, waiting to take pictures of me walking down said streets, wearing clothes. 

Clearly, I'm way too busy with the phone-talking and the sidewalk-walking to even notice or care about the paparazzi and their blatant disregard for my privacy.

Even if I did notice the photographers, I would never even give them a second glance. Nothing can stop me from walking to where I'm walking, not even a dude with a camera!

I just continue on my way, talking on the phone and walking at the same time, demonstrating my poise and grace and ability to walk in very tall shoes.

Like I said: Poise and grace. The photographers can't even handle it!

Photographers? What photographers? I'm just a lady in a skirt, talking to my bestie about how I can't even.

If you ever find yourself dealing with the paparazzi, don't let them get to you! Do not smile at them! Smiling at a paparazzo is like feeding the monkeys at the zoo: It will get you kicked out of the zoo! Keep your eyes forward and your phone glued to your face and just walk on. That is best for everyone.

For the curious: My skirt is from eShakti, purchased on clearance many months ago. It has pockets! The chambray button-up is from Old Navy, as is the blue-green sash tied around my waist. The heels are Fioni, purchased from a local consignment shop. The watch doesn't work. It's a Timex, but it took a licking and stopped ticking. Not that it matters; who uses a watch to tell time anymore, right? It just looks good with the outfit. My purse is from Target about two years ago, and it is full of rocks. My Swiss dot tights are also from Target, bought on clearance. I'm amazed I didn't destroy them during this shoot.

Speaking of "shoot," all photos from this post were taken by the amazing Joe Ryan, who also happens to be my boyfriend. And he's super cute. See? He's the one with the beard. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Upgrade gone wrong...but so right!

I was going to get rid of this dress. It was in a bag in the back of my car, just waiting (for weeks, admittedly) to be dropped off at Goodwill, but I decided to pull it out for a photo shoot. I put it on with the intention of pointing out all the reasons I was letting go of it, but something weird happened. It actually fit me, something it has not done in years, and the skirt suddenly felt extra swingy and extra foofy and poofy and fantastic and fun and I realized with great acuity that I CANNOT get rid of this dress. 

How could I possibly let go of this dress? I love this dress! I've had some great times in this dress! I used it for my laziest (but cutest) Halloween costume ever, when I went out as a kewpie doll. 

This dress is also incredibly versatile! I thought of a million ways to wear it, and every day, I think of some other thing I can do with it. 

Scottie dogs!

This is really just the beginning, too; I have all sorts of tops and jackets and sweaters and colored tights and awesome shoes that will look great with this little black dress. So, as long as I can zip this baby up without injury, I will be keeping it. 

I planned to dump this dress months ago, so I've been looking for its replacement for quite some time. It is so hard to find the perfect little black dress! There are millions out there, and the ones I liked the most were always way outside of my budget. But then I got lucky and found this:

It's not technically a little black dress, but that's part of what I love about it; it's a little black dress with something extra. I love the two-tone look of the muted gold under the black overlay, but what really sold me on this dress were the feminine details. The waist, the neckline, and the sleeves give it a romantic feel without being overly sweet. Bonus: It is the most comfortable dress I have ever worn. It feels like it weighs nothing, and it's 100% silk, so it breathes nicely.

In a small way, I failed at this upgrade, but I feel like I won; I now have two awesome black dresses that I love! I guess I'll just have to find something else to cycle out of my closet so I don't start hoarding clothes. Or, I could just start hoarding clothes. I think both options are good.

For the curious: The first dress is from Forever 21 about four years ago, and it cost me under $20. I will be removing the flowers from the bodice because I do what I want. My Scottie dog blouse is from Body Co. two years ago and it is adorable. The short sleeved teal cardigan is Worthington from JCPenney four years ago. The white button-up is Banana Republic, the green and gold belt is Kate Spade Saturday, and the black blazer is Laundry by Shelli Segal. The chambray button-up is from Old Navy, and the shoes are Fioni, bought from a local consignment shop. The second dress is Juicy Couture, bought from an online consignment shop for a sinfully low price. The necklace was a gift from my boyfriend; it is handmade with vintage watch pieces and vintage fabric, made specially for me by a jewelry maker in Spearfish, SD. He bought this for me before he was my boyfriend, to replace a necklace I had that was misplaced. Pretty sweet, right? :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

To theme or not to theme...

At one point in my life, my friends and I would have "theme nights" for when we went out: Each of us would wear an outfit that coincided with a chosen theme. We did pin-up themes and dress-up themes and "wear what you would never normally wear" themes. We confused the people around us (one time, we were asked if we were in theater), but man, those were some of the best nights of my life. I don't tend to go for themes in my regular clothing choices. I don't like to match my bag to my shoes or my shoes to my shirt or really anything to anything, but I do think about it sometimes. Problem is, I'm bad at it. I don't do things halfway, so if I'm doing a theme, I'm DOING A THEME. It would probably be something painful, like an all pink theme. No, not an all pink theme, but an ALL PINK THEME.

Even my lipstick is pink.
Sometimes I wonder if pink is my favorite color. It does seem to show up over and over and over. Honestly, the longer I look at the all pink outfit, the more I like it...acclimation can be a dangerous thing in fashion. Maybe I could do a theme outfit and just keep it simple? How about a black and white theme, heavy on the black?

That's an improvement! I don't think there's anything better than a graphic tee with a blazer, especially when the tee has a storm trooper on it. I don't know if I'd call this outfit a real theme, though. It's just a lot of black. Maybe I should just stick to my running theme so far, which is a "wear what you feel like wearing" theme. It works for me so far. :)

For the curious: I will be expanding on themes in the future, as I think they can be a great way to push boundaries. I once declared an entire summer the "summer of the leg" and forced myself to wear dresses and skirts nearly every day. It was an experience. :) The pink top is Jones New York and was purchased from, the jeans are from Target two years ago, and the shoes are Superga sneakers in Azalea, purchased from The awesome pixelated heart necklace was a birthday gift from my son, and the bag is Kipling, purchased from Ross about three years ago. My storm trooper tee is from Forever 21 two years ago. The blazer is Laundry by Shelli Segal, and the skirt is a cheerleading skirt. The shoes are Fioni, and they are deceptively comfortable.