Monday, October 6, 2014


I try to keep my regular beauty routines simple and efficient. I rarely use my hair dryer: I shower at night and go to bed once my hair is dry. I had to use my hairdryer this morning, and I somehow managed to pinch my finger in the handle and cut myself so deep that it drew blood. Blood, from a hairdryer. Just another reason I keep my routine as easy as possible. I don't wear a lot of makeup, I don't do elaborate things with my hair, and I don't wear nail polish. Except for today.

Typically, you'll see my nails in one of three states: no polish, clear polish, or the occasional light pink polish. The red is normally reserved for my toes, which I use only during sandal weather. Nail polish is a unique form of torture for me. It goes on too thick or too thin, it gets all over my hands, and it never, ever dries. EVER. If you think your nail polish is finally dry, give it three more days, just to be safe. I do love the way it looks, though. My hands are my favorite physical feature. I have hands like my mom's, and she always wore bright red polish. I always thought it was the epitome of glamour, so simple, but so powerful. Maybe I should start wearing it more often... 

...or not. The tiny imperfections are just going to nag at me until I strip it all off out of frustration, and I don't think I can handle the stress of all that! I do hear that there are better polishes out there, magical polishes that really do dry, that don't chip, that whisper to you at night and tell you that you're wonderful. All my current polish says to me is, "I curse you with these smudges." Maybe it's time to try something new? I suppose we shall see...

For the curious: I always start with a white polish when I use dark colors, just to keep the polish from staining my nails so removal will be easier. In this case, I used Wet n Wild Shine polish in French White Creme, and topped it off with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Red My Lips. I also use Sally Hansen Kwik Dry (and I cringe at the "creative" spelling) in the futile hope that it will force my polish to dry faster, but I still wake up with smudges because nail polish never dries. Ever. 

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