Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Farewell, bare legs, see you next year!

I know it's officially fall now, but I'm in denial. The sun is still out! It still looks like summer out there! So, in defiance of the changing seasons, I decided to get outside with my bare legs!

Even though it's sunny out and the birds are chirping and it looks like summer, it does not feel like summer. It's a whopping 60 degrees outside, which is about 40 degrees lower than my comfort level. Plus, it's windy...

Maybe it's time to call it and declare summer in Montana over with a capital OVER. I treat my legs like other people treat their RVs and boats: I winterize and store them away. I'm going to miss my bare legs. They're such nice legs, so pasty and so...knee-ed. It's okay, though, because I have a backup plan for fall: tights!

Tights are awesome, the best part of fall! I don't have to shave my legs as often or worry about pedicures, and if I need to escape from a second story bathroom window for whatever reason, they serve as an excellent makeshift rope! Plus, some shoes just look best with tights:

I suppose I can embrace the onslaught of fall if it means I get to wear these shoes once in a while. Honestly, though, I'm hoping that if I say summer is over, the heat will come back and stay for a few more weeks, just to make me look stupid. People wash their cars to make it rain all the time, so my tactics can't be too far off base. It could work, right? 

For the curious: My white camisole and my cardigan are from Old Navy. The white embroidered shorts and the star garland necklace are both from H&M, purchased during my month-long jaunt in the UK two years ago. The wedges are Colin Stuart. My red and pink heart sweater is from Target a couple of years ago. The black pleated skirt is really a cheerleading skirt that I bought from a cheerleading uniform website about four years ago for right around $15. I bought it for a costume for a karaoke contest and snuck it into my regular wardrobe. Special, right? My shoes are Missoni for Target, also from a long, long time ago. 

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