Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Upgrade: Lounging!

I love to lounge! It's one of my favorite things to do, especially after a hard day at work. Since I started writing this blog, I don't have as much free time to just sit around and watch television, what with all the putting-on of the clothes, and the taking photos of the clothes, and the writing about the clothes. If I'm not careful, I will burn myself out, so I have to take a few moments sometimes to just sit and do nothing. Like so:

Typically, if I know I'm not going to leave the house, I won't do anything special with my appearance. The fact that I'm wearing real pants is special enough; why go all crazy? But then I found out that, as a self-professed style blogger, there are unspoken laws about these things. No more wearing garbage bag shirts or burlap sack skirts for me!  I also find that I want to hold myself to a higher standard than I usually do. I wore heels to the grocery store the other day, and it was glorious. Excessive, maybe, but still glorious. So, I've decided to continue with this higher standard and upgrade my lounge wear.

This isn't too different from my former lounging outfit. My legs are covered and the dress has a loose fit, so it's as comfortable as my huge hoodie, and kitten-heeled pointy toes are exactly the same as sweat socks. In fact, this outfit is so comfy, I can't help but get totally relaxed...

I'm not the only one who likes to relax at home; underneath my chair, there are a couple of bunnies, totally chilling, just hanging out, being bunnies.

Their lounge wear is pretty sweet, too. Only a bunny could get away with wearing real fur these days.

For the curious: My much-too-large hoodie was a gift from my boyfriend, meaning I stole it from him and I'm never, ever giving it back. The jeans are THE jeans from every other post on this blog. My olive green dress is one of my favorites, from one of my favorite local shops, The Boutique by Studio Montage. The tag says "Hot and Delicious," so it might also be a mug of coffee. The bunnies are awesome, and love to act like dust bunnies while making dust bunnies under my chair.

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