Tuesday, October 14, 2014

From the Readers: I put a jacket on it!

My friend Stephanie was so thrilled with last week's Friday Upgrade post that she decided to try it out for herself! Check out her before photo:

This outfit is comfy and casual, the perfect choice for dress shopping. It won't get any weird looks or start any fights or get anyone arrested, but why not kick it up just a tad? So, Stephanie threw a jacket on it!

Oh, yeah! I love the contrasting trim on this jacket; it gives it just enough edge to make it work great with her tee and her sneakers. And that fit is perfect! Kudos, Stephanie! You look awesome!

For the curious: If you want to send me photos or ask me questions or tell me all about your food allergies, email me at kalidikeds@gmail.com or message me on Facebook! :)

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