Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I have a lot of scarves, but I never wear them. Some of them were gifts, but most of them I bought myself with the hope that one day, I might learn how to use them. I see other people wearing scarves and looking fantastic in them, and I think, hey, maybe I can do that! But then I get an awesome scarf and I just drape it over my neck, like so:

What else are you supposed to do with a scarf? There is absolutely no information available on this topic anywhere, not on the internet or in the real world, so I decided to wing it and come up with some new ways to wear my scarves. 

For when you don't want to choose between covering your head or covering your neck:

For when you want X to mark the spot...and draw attention to your, ahem, boobs:

For those times when you mess up and want to play it off like you didn't mess up at all:

For when you feel like raiding some tombs but your thigh holster doesn't work with your outfit and you don't have a gun, anyway:

For those times when you want to stick the scarf in your pocket, because why not:

For those moments when you realize you hate your shirt and wish you'd worn something else:

And, of course, for those times when you just can't decide on one scarf:

Okay, so I think I might need some more practice with this one, but I will not give up! Before you know it, I will be a scarf-wearing something-or-other! In the meantime, is it really so bad just to drape it over my neck? 

For the curious: I'm cheating on my regular jeans with my older regular jeans; these are from Vanity in the mall, and I forgot all about them until they fell out of my drawer the one day. Finding clothes you forgot you had is like shopping without spending money: It's good. :) The tee is Mossimo from Target, the cardigan is from TJ Maxx; the boots are B.O.C, and were a generous gift. The scarf is from Target, as are many of the others. I have no idea where I got the earrings; I forgot all about them and found them in one of my bags. I think they came from Forever 21, but I can't be sure. They are pretty cool, though. See?

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