Monday, October 27, 2014

Street style!

Sometimes, I walk down streets. It's an amazing occurrence, and since I am a very important and well-dressed lady person, there are always droves of people just hanging around, waiting to take pictures of me walking down said streets, wearing clothes. 

Clearly, I'm way too busy with the phone-talking and the sidewalk-walking to even notice or care about the paparazzi and their blatant disregard for my privacy.

Even if I did notice the photographers, I would never even give them a second glance. Nothing can stop me from walking to where I'm walking, not even a dude with a camera!

I just continue on my way, talking on the phone and walking at the same time, demonstrating my poise and grace and ability to walk in very tall shoes.

Like I said: Poise and grace. The photographers can't even handle it!

Photographers? What photographers? I'm just a lady in a skirt, talking to my bestie about how I can't even.

If you ever find yourself dealing with the paparazzi, don't let them get to you! Do not smile at them! Smiling at a paparazzo is like feeding the monkeys at the zoo: It will get you kicked out of the zoo! Keep your eyes forward and your phone glued to your face and just walk on. That is best for everyone.

For the curious: My skirt is from eShakti, purchased on clearance many months ago. It has pockets! The chambray button-up is from Old Navy, as is the blue-green sash tied around my waist. The heels are Fioni, purchased from a local consignment shop. The watch doesn't work. It's a Timex, but it took a licking and stopped ticking. Not that it matters; who uses a watch to tell time anymore, right? It just looks good with the outfit. My purse is from Target about two years ago, and it is full of rocks. My Swiss dot tights are also from Target, bought on clearance. I'm amazed I didn't destroy them during this shoot.

Speaking of "shoot," all photos from this post were taken by the amazing Joe Ryan, who also happens to be my boyfriend. And he's super cute. See? He's the one with the beard. :)

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