Thursday, October 23, 2014

Upgrade gone wrong...but so right!

I was going to get rid of this dress. It was in a bag in the back of my car, just waiting (for weeks, admittedly) to be dropped off at Goodwill, but I decided to pull it out for a photo shoot. I put it on with the intention of pointing out all the reasons I was letting go of it, but something weird happened. It actually fit me, something it has not done in years, and the skirt suddenly felt extra swingy and extra foofy and poofy and fantastic and fun and I realized with great acuity that I CANNOT get rid of this dress. 

How could I possibly let go of this dress? I love this dress! I've had some great times in this dress! I used it for my laziest (but cutest) Halloween costume ever, when I went out as a kewpie doll. 

This dress is also incredibly versatile! I thought of a million ways to wear it, and every day, I think of some other thing I can do with it. 

Scottie dogs!

This is really just the beginning, too; I have all sorts of tops and jackets and sweaters and colored tights and awesome shoes that will look great with this little black dress. So, as long as I can zip this baby up without injury, I will be keeping it. 

I planned to dump this dress months ago, so I've been looking for its replacement for quite some time. It is so hard to find the perfect little black dress! There are millions out there, and the ones I liked the most were always way outside of my budget. But then I got lucky and found this:

It's not technically a little black dress, but that's part of what I love about it; it's a little black dress with something extra. I love the two-tone look of the muted gold under the black overlay, but what really sold me on this dress were the feminine details. The waist, the neckline, and the sleeves give it a romantic feel without being overly sweet. Bonus: It is the most comfortable dress I have ever worn. It feels like it weighs nothing, and it's 100% silk, so it breathes nicely.

In a small way, I failed at this upgrade, but I feel like I won; I now have two awesome black dresses that I love! I guess I'll just have to find something else to cycle out of my closet so I don't start hoarding clothes. Or, I could just start hoarding clothes. I think both options are good.

For the curious: The first dress is from Forever 21 about four years ago, and it cost me under $20. I will be removing the flowers from the bodice because I do what I want. My Scottie dog blouse is from Body Co. two years ago and it is adorable. The short sleeved teal cardigan is Worthington from JCPenney four years ago. The white button-up is Banana Republic, the green and gold belt is Kate Spade Saturday, and the black blazer is Laundry by Shelli Segal. The chambray button-up is from Old Navy, and the shoes are Fioni, bought from a local consignment shop. The second dress is Juicy Couture, bought from an online consignment shop for a sinfully low price. The necklace was a gift from my boyfriend; it is handmade with vintage watch pieces and vintage fabric, made specially for me by a jewelry maker in Spearfish, SD. He bought this for me before he was my boyfriend, to replace a necklace I had that was misplaced. Pretty sweet, right? :)

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