Monday, October 20, 2014

You really can wear it again!

You know how brides always tell you can totally wear your bridesmaid dress again? It's supposed to be the biggest selling point of the dress they choose for you. Well, it turns out that brides are telling the truth! Bridesmaid dresses are a staple in my closet: I have six of them, half of which are burgundy, and I wear them all the time! Who doesn't love a pretty dress? I throw on a bridesmaid dress to make even the most mundane daily tasks feel a bit more magical and special.


Grocery shopping becomes more like a jaunt in an enchanted fairytaleland with fourteen different kinds of peanut butter and a stunning assortment of dental floss to choose from. I defy you to go grocery shopping in a bridesmaid gown and not feel like a princess. 

Gas prices hurt a whole lot less when you fill your tank while wearing shiny polyester.

When you wear a fancy dress, everything you do looks elegant, even if you're just staring at flowers, trying to figure out what kind they are.

Coffee and cake with awesome people is just more awesome when one of you is wearing a gown. If I were doing this while wearing jeans and a tee, I might look like I'm just stuffing my face, but with the gown, I'm regal and sophisticated while stuffing my face.

Friends like Sabrina are the best part of life. I'm a crazy-faced cake eater, but she loves me anyway, and doesn't hide her face in shame. Plus, she has great style. Check out her shoes:

If you have a few old bridesmaid dresses taking up space in your closet, I challenge you to pull them out and make them part of your regular wardrobe. It's fun to be fancy, but it's even more fun to be too fancy! 

For the curious: I may have fibbed a little. I don't actually wear my bridesmaid dresses, not even for Halloween costumes. This dress is from my best friend's wedding over a decade ago, and it is the only one that even remotely fits anymore. It may not show in the photos, but this dress is crushing my ribs and making it very difficult to breathe. The lovely lady having cake with me is Sabrina, one of my best friends and the photographer for this shoot. She took every photo in this post, except for the one of the two of us eating cake. That photo was taken by the amazing, kind, wonderful barista who did not even once make me feel weird about my outfit. :)

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