Monday, November 17, 2014


Since I started writing this blog almost three whole months ago, I have noticed a lot of people asking me the same questions. I am mostly an open book, so I have decided to answer a few frequently asked questions from my readers, and people in general. If you have other questions, feel free to email me at, or message me on my Facebook page.

What in the heck is a Kay-lee-dee-kids or Kar-lie-der-kins or Kah-bler-berg-gins or however you say it?

I get this question the most. It is pronounced "kah-lie-dee-keds," and it's an ancient word of questionable etymology that loosely translates to "humorous fashion blog." Ok, that's not true. It's the name for that sliver of sunlight that sneaks through the blinds and smacks you right in the eye while you're trying to eat dinner. Used in a sentence: "Agh, shut the curtains, the kalidikeds is blinding me!" Yeah...that's also not true. Ok, the truth is, I made it up. I created the word years and years ago when I first needed to create a username for a website, and I didn't want to use my name with some numbers like everyone else seemed to be doing. It came out of the depths of my strange mind, and has lived on for a good 15 years. This blog is titled Kalidikeds completely by accident. I set this page up a few years ago, and didn't know what I wanted to call it, so I made it Kalidikeds with the intent of changing it later. I forgot to change it before I posted my first post, and decided to just keep it. :)

Who takes your photos? They are so, so, so amazing, I refuse to believe an admitted beginner like yourself would be capable of such greatness! So, really, who's doing all that? Hmmm?

90% of all my photos are taken by me. I use a tripod and a remote shutter release or the timer on the camera. There are times when I can't possibly do a shoot by myself, so for those ideas, I do call in reinforcements. Could you imagine me doing this post with a tripod and a remote? No thanks! I have some amazing friends who are willing to help me out, and anytime I'm not the photographer for any photo I use, I will give credit where it is due. :) Also, while my photos aren't bad, I do think there is room for improvement, and I'm always working on getting better.

Speaking of cameras, what kind do you use? 

It's pretty basic, a Canon Rebel T3i. I have two lenses; a 50mm and the 18-55mm that came with the camera. I also use my iPhone, a lot more often than you might think. I'm still very much a beginner, so I don't like to offer advice, but my favorite source for photography information and inspiration is from the blog A Beautiful Mess, found right here. These two ladies are a bit more personable than most of the books and tutorials I've come across, and they have some really great tips!

How in the world do you have time to do this?

Honestly, I don't know how I manage to get all this work done. I spend nearly every minute of my spare time working on this blog, but it doesn't feel burdensome. I wake up early and work on it before I go to my actual job, and I start on it again as soon as my kids are in bed. I make lists, I set goals, and I plan ahead, and I opt to work on this instead of watching TV or going out or playing around on Facebook.

WHY are you doing this?

There are a few reasons I started this blog. I work in a place that requires me to wear a uniform. I wear head-to-toe black, every single day. Before I started this blog, I would always go from my work uniform to sweats, which would make me stay on my couch, which would make me feel depressed. This blog helps me stay out of my depressing sweat pants, which is good for everyone. I also really love fashion, clothes, photography, and writing, and this is a way for me to play around with all of these things, on my own terms. It's a fun hobby, and I have fun doing it, and it challenges and pushes me in a way I need to be challenged and pushed.

Where did you get your tulle skirt? 

I get asked about a lot of my clothes and shoes when I'm out and about, but this tulle skirt gets the most mentions.

It's no wonder to me; it's a great skirt! I do include product details at the end of each post to the best of my ability, but a lot of the time, my clothes are old and second hand and just can't be found anymore. This specific skirt, however, appears to still be available here (as of 11/16/14), though I paid a bit less for mine. 

Are you a student? How do you stay so skinny working in a restaurant? Where are the restrooms?

These are questions I get all the time at work. I'm a waitress, and most people cannot fathom a person working this job unless they are on their way to something bigger and better. I must be a student, right? No, I am not a student; I already have a degree, and I don't plan on getting another one any time soon. While my job is just a temporary stop, I do love it, and I feel lucky to have a job with great people, great customers, flexibility, and a discount on the best food in town. As for staying skinny...I really hate this question, and I always answer the same way: I wear a lot of black. The restrooms are to the right of the entrance. There's a sign; you can't miss it. :)

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