Monday, November 10, 2014

Man-Candy Monday!

I've noticed a tiny trend on Facebook and Instagram; on Mondays, people are posting pictures of dudes with the hashtag #mcm attached to it. It took me a while to figure out what "mcm" meant. I wondered if it was some kind of ultra-secret Roman numeral code, or if it stood for "my cute man" or "make cupcakes mocha" or something like that. Turns out, it stands for "man-candy Monday," and suddenly, all those pictures of dudes make sense. I have noticed there's also a #wcw, which I will assume stands for "woman candy Wednesday." I don't participate in such rituals myself, mostly because I forget that Mondays are designated for man-candy, and who wants to see man-candy Thursday? That is against the rules! Well, this time, I happened to remember man-candy Monday, so I'm going to play along, just this once! Check it out, my first ever #mcm!

There he is, my man-candy! Check out his amazing locks! I think he looks pretty good, but maybe a haircut would be better?

Just so you know, it is apparently very weird to take photos during a haircut, and even weirder to do so while wearing a tulle skirt and heels. While I was documenting this momentous occasion, a couple of older guys came in and stopped dead in the doorway and just stared at me for a good minute. One of the guys said, "Uh...this is Great Clips, right?" It was pretty awkward until one of the other stylists came over and whisked the confused men away. But anyway, check out my man-candy with a lot less hair!

He's such a great model; he requires very little direction at all and just knows what looks good. Plus, he's super nice to me and always tells me I'm great, even when I don't feel like I'm so great. Everyone needs a support system, and I'm so lucky to have this guy as a part of mine! Even though he is currently clear across the ocean, spending a month in Ireland, he's still a huge part of my daily life. I just hope he decides to come back... ;)

For the curious: I don't know where Joe bought his awesome elephant tee, but he left it at my house by mistake, so I can tell you that it is from Obey. The plaid hoodie went with him, so I can't tell you anything about it, except that it has a zipper and a hood. His shoes are shoes, bought from where people buy shoes. He got his hair cut at Great Clips, by a fun and very tolerant lady whose name is written on a business card that I can't seem to find now. :/

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