Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I'm not much of a drinker. My tolerance is very low, and I'm not fond of the taste of most alcoholic drinks, so I tend to forgo it altogether. However, lately I have been pushing my boundaries, so I have been trying to acquire a taste for beer. I don't have a good reason to start drinking beer, except that it seems like the kind of thing real grownups do, especially here in Montana where we have (I'm told) some amazing local breweries. This endeavor shouldn't be too difficult; after all, I did acquire a taste for coffee and for certain (super sweet, fruity, bubbly) wines, so I should be able to acquire a taste for beer, right? I decided to start small, and headed to Mighty Mo Brewing Company for a taster, which is essentially sample sizes of four different brews, which add up to the equivalent of one whole beer. 

It seems like everyone I know drinks these fancy beers, and they all seem to know so much about it. All my friends and my boyfriend like to use words and acronyms that don't mean much to me, like "hops" and "pale ale" and "stout" and "IPA" and "IBU." What I want to know more than anything is whether or not the beer will make my face contort. As you can see, the answer to that question is almost always a resounding YES.

It was a bit painful at times, but I did make it through the entire taster! I was pretty proud of myself, and everyone around me was shocked, especially the boyfriend.

Who is photobombing whom?

Drinking an entire beer is no small feat for me, and I feel I couldn't have gotten through it without the support of some awesome people! I know that Ryan Johnson wasn't playing music just for my beer-drinking adventure, but the sweet sounds of his guitar definitely didn't hurt.

I also had a cavalcade of excited friends cheering me on! Tyson and Sara were so vocal with their support, we got complaints! Okay, that's a lie; there were no complaints, but they were very supportive. Amma just likes to use her face as a means of support; she definitely helped distract me from the bitterness of my beer, and admonished me to never give up!

I don't think I have acquired a taste for beer yet, but I do think I just got one step closer. Last night, I spent three hours drinking a single fancy can of microbrew at home, and I managed to get through the entire thing with minimal cringing! Before you know it, I'll be one of those women who drinks beer like it isn't gross! Maybe I'll even be able to finish the beer before it gets warm! You gotta have goals, right? 

For the curious: For my taster, I chose three light beers of varying bitterness and one dark oatmeal stout. Turns out, I like dark oatmeal stout the best, since it's sweet and tastes the least like beer to me. Next time I go out, I'll know to order that instead of being open-minded about trying other beers. My yellow shirt is from The Walk In Closet and my hot air balloon cardigan is from Target. Tyson, the guy leaning on his hand in the second-to-last photo in this post took the photos of my beer face, and I might add, enjoyed my facial contortions just a little too much. Joe, the boyfriend, took most of the photos of my beer glasses, and he and Amma both took the photos of Ryan playing guitar. Everyone had the camera at some point that night, so I'll just give credit to everyone. :)

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