Monday, December 1, 2014

End of the Day, aka, I do movies!

I have one of those hammy personalities that prompts people to ask if I'm in theater, or if I do any acting. The answer is yes! I've got a bevy of theatrical and film experience: I've co-written and co-directed and co-produced and co-acted (if that's a thing) in short films, full-length feature films, spoofs, skits, musical theater, dinner theater, and daily life. Today, ECTOFi is releasing a short film I acted in, called End of the Day, written and directed by the awesome Dusty Stone. It's about Sam Joey, played by Dale O'Neal, who is having a really rough time in life. He wakes up to find two strange women in his living room, claiming to be two sides of his consciousness. I play Good, the side of his consciousness that tries to convince him that there is hope, and Sarah Hood plays Bad, the side of his consciousness that leans toward self-destruction.

This project was a bit of a whirlwind, having been conceived, written, and shot in just five days, which is no small feat in the world of film. We spent about 8 hours filming this in a tiny apartment during the summer, with the air conditioner off because of the sound. No matter the conditions, I love being on set! Many of my best days have been spent on a set or on a stage, working with talented, passionate people. There's usually someone skulking around with a camera during these get-togethers, trying to catch us doing photo-worthy things. Like me and Sarah getting along, despite how much we yell at each other during filming.

Or me talking with hand gestures, because I hardly ever talk, and hardly ever use hand gestures.

Okay, maybe I DO talk a lot, with a lot of hand gestures...

But hey, I listen, too!

The guy on the couch is Dusty Stone, the writer and director and supreme ruler of the set. He's a good guy who loves what he does, and I say his work deserves a look. So do as I say and check it out!

For the curious: This film was shot a couple of years ago, hence my longish, all-natural color hair. My dress is Monteau by Los Angeles, bought from TJ Maxx. I never wear it anymore, but I think I'll remedy that when summer comes back around. The purple ruffle ballet flats make me very sad, because they no longer exist. I bought them from Old Navy for about $5, having no idea how much I would come to love them. I wore them constantly, and they fell apart after a couple of years. I seriously regret that I didn't buy multiple pairs of those shoes. Years later, I am still searching for a reasonable replacement for them.

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