Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rain Boots!

The sun is shining! The wind is blowing! The snow is melting! Oh, no... The snow is melting! We had record snowfall these past few weeks, and now it's all becoming street soup. It's pretty disgusting, honestly. This is the hardest part of winter for me. We get these short breaks from the extreme cold, but then we're deluged with slush, which is much worse than snow in every way. If you look up, you see happy blue skies, but if you look down, you see dreary brown and grey swirls, like all the worst flavors of ice cream melted all over the sidewalk. My car is more mud than metal at this point, but I refuse to wash it. What's the point? The streets are so gross, it would be muddied up again after ten seconds of driving. I'll probably just leave it until sometime in June, when I can be mostly guaranteed to have dry roads. I know I'm not the only one who does this; every car in this city is the same color right now. Around here, we choose our battles carefully. 

How am I supposed to combat this depressing reality?  I have to wear boots everywhere because no regular shoe can stand up to this slush. My sneakers are waterproofed, but I doubt it does any good when you completely submerge the things. Well, if I'm going to have to wear boots, I suppose I should go all out and WEAR SOME FREAKING BOOTS.  

Now these are some slush-combative boots! Not only are they perfectly waterproof, they are so delightful and bright and cheery that the grey sludge can't possibly stand up to them. I tried to feel grey in these boots, and I just couldn't do it, not even when I added my grey coat and a massive pile of sludgy mud!

These boots have such a profound affect on my mood, they make me want to jump into puddles, like I used to do when I was a kid!

These boots make me feel like the wind isn't even an issue! Who needs a coat? Not this chick!

I must also point out that with my short pixie haircut, I can stand in the wind and not be bothered: I can still see just fine, and my hair does not get dragged into my lipstick. This is the greatest haircut ever!

Wow, that is a majestic pile of muck behind me! I should have made a mud man or a mud angel with that. Maybe next time...

For the curious: My awesome boyfriend Joe Ryan took all of these photos, thus sparing me the awkward experience of setting up a tripod and taking photos of myself on a busy street. He does good work, right? :) My rain boots are Jeffrey Campbell, bought from years and years and years ago. I don't wear them much, but sometimes, they're just the right choice. My chambray shirt dress and my hot air balloon cardigan are both from Target. My green belt is from Kate Spade Saturday, bought online and on clearance, and my necklace is from The Boutique by Studio Montage three years ago. My grey wool coat is Calvin Klein, bought from a consignment shop.

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