Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Tuesday: My customers are cooler than yours.

I have mentioned before that I really, really love my job. A big reason I love what I do is my amazing customers. Before I started this job, I was afraid that I would have to deal with a lot grumpy, rude people, but I have been pleasantly surprised in this regard. The overwhelming majority of my customers have not just been polite; they have been genuine and kind and fun. They remember my name and speak to me with respect. They are understanding when I make mistakes. They ask me questions about myself and tell my bosses that I do a good job. It's pretty incredible, you guys. 

Sometimes, though, I get customers that blow my mind with their awesomeness. Last Saturday, I was a little overwhelmed by an unexpected rush during my solo shift and found myself sprinting from table to table, bringing hot tea to everyone and their mothers. For some reason, everyone wanted hot tea. EVERYONE. It was so weird. Anyway, I had two big birthday parties, and as I have mentioned before, I love to make a big deal out of the birthdays, even when I'm busy with the grand production that is hot tea. One of the birthday parties was for a beautiful mother, celebrating with her four gorgeous daughters. This group was wonderful! They were so much fun; they joked and they laughed and they sang Happy Birthday in this horrible, off-tune warbled attempt at harmonizing (all intentional) while I did my birthday dance for the mom, and I couldn't stop laughing! It was really great. As they were leaving the restaurant, they let me know that they had left me their "customary tip basket" on the table, and that they hoped I would enjoy it. It turns out that this spectacular group of ladies has an unusual tradition for tipping the waitstaff. When I got to the table, I found the bill fold tucked into little brown bag that was stuffed with all sorts of random crap. Check out my loot!

My manager informed me that this is a grand tradition for this group of ladies; basically, at the end of their meal, they empty the contents of their purses and pool it together and leave it for the waitress. I have to mention that this was in addition to a very generous monetary tip, which made the gift basket even more awesome. So what did they leave me? Coupons, free Redbox rental cards, half a stack of Post-Its, a gift card for a local noodle place, gum, random chocolate and granola bars, an empty bottle of eye drops, travel packs of Alka-Seltzer, one-time-use toothbrushes, unopened packs of tissues, a five dollar bill, a tampon, a pantyliner, and one of the restaurant's salt shakers, which I wasn't allowed to keep. 

I think I might have to start a similar tradition myself; it's just too great not to emulate! Maybe I can start leaving giant inflatable animals or decorate the booth with streamers and confetti, or leave a bottle of bubbles with my tip when I go to restaurants. This little prank made me feel so much better about the stressful day I was having. It made me laugh; it made me feel special. Why not do that for someone else? 

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