Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Photoshoot: Buses!

It seems like I spend a lot of my free time taking photos of myself. That's probably because I spend a lot of my free time taking photos of myself. I'm not totally self-centered, though; sometimes, I like to have other people take photos of me! Ha, I promise that's a joke. Tyson Habein of Electric City Creative asked me if I'd be willing to help him try out some of his new photography toys, and I couldn't say no! He took me to a school bus graveyard, and we had a great time battling the cold wind and trying to decide what I should do with my hands.

If I see a bunny, I have to interact with it. I simply have to. They were everywhere in this place; you can even see them in the background of a few photos!

Do you see the bunny?

Truthfully, modeling can be tough; you have to know your own face really well and know about light and angles, and then there's the whole mystery of what to do with your hands. If in doubt, what should you do with your hands? Jazz 'em. Always jazz 'em.

For the curious: Tyson asked me to wear black slacks and a black turtleneck with a stylish coat and a colorful scarf for this shoot, and though I don't normally dress in one color like this, I think I might do it again! My turtleneck is Banana Republic. My black slacks and scarf are both from Target. My grey coat is Calvin Klein, bought from a consignment shop, and my teal ballet flats are Cole Haan, bought on super duper clearance last year.

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