Friday, March 13, 2015

From the Readers!

Here at Kalidikeds, I love to hear from our readers! This week, my friend Daisie demonstrated how the elementary school set likes to mix a casual tee with a fancy skirt.

Daisie is a natural at modeling; she makes shopping for shooting targets seem like the most stylish activity around! And check out those adorable heart-shaped sunglasses! Too cute! 

Amy decided to step outside her comfort zone and try some silver eyeliner! Check out the before and after:

Wow, that makes a big difference; look at how the silver makes her green eyes pop!

And with both eyes done, the result is subtle but pretty. Love! We'll definitely have to pull out the silver eyeliner sometime.

If you'd like to share photos with me, I'd love to receive them! If you've tried out one of my style challenges or put your own spin on something I've done, or if you just want to show me how awesome you are (because you ARE awesome, after all) you can message me on my Facebook page, or email me at Happy Friday, all!

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