Thursday, March 5, 2015

OOTD: Black and white and purple all over!

I have a confession. While Kalidikeds was on pause, I spent most of my time being quite unfashionable. I have this one boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee in three different colors, and I wore one of these most of the time with a pair of jeans and my favorite sneakers. It was simple, safe, and easy, but also uninspiring and boring as heck, and I am so ready to dress like I mean it once again! Part of my problem is the winter weather; it is freezing here! I have no tolerance for cold, but I also have no tolerance for my own fashion rut, so I figured out a way to dress well without shivering! Layering!

I don't split my wardrobe into seasons; I don't have enough clothing for that! Instead, I find ways to incorporate all my clothes into all seasons. This dress is perfect because it's wool, so it has a bit of heft to it and it keeps me reasonably warm, but it's still comfortable during the hot ten minutes of Montana summer. I added a button-up underneath and a short-sleeved cardigan on top to make it even warmer, and the tights with the riding boots makes this outfit perfect for the long, cold walk from a warm building to a car and back again. 

At first, I liked this outfit. I like unexpected color combinations like the teal sweater with the purple tights, I like how the gold belt pulls it all together, and I like how the boots make the outfit feel less syrupy and sweet. But something about the sweater and the tights together bothered me; I think this would work better with a just a touch of teal, maybe in an accessory like a necklace or a bag. The tights and the sweater seem to be competing for focus, so I decided to change it up just a little. 

Much better! The purple tights work with this because the rest of the outfit is toned-down neutrals; no more competition for the eyeballs! They also make this look more edgy and fun, and less like a young schoolgirl. I did have a friend tell me I looked like a schoolgirl in this outfit. I responded by telling him that he looked like a schoolgirl. I think I won that one. 


The cuffed sleeves help keep the look from being too formal, and the heels lend it just the right amount of sophistication, which is important (in my opinion) when choosing something like bright purple tights. I once read an article that said that colored tights should be tossed after you turn thirty. My personal opinion is rules-schmules. I love my bright tights, and I'm going to keep on wearing them, thanks! My favorite part of this outfit is my vintage gold belt. It's the perfect accessory: it's small and pretty, adding just the right amount of interest without overwhelming me, and it highlights my waist, which makes for a flattering silhouette and a polished look. What do you think? Is this better than a boatneck tee and jeans? Do I look like a schoolgirl? Is it so wrong to look like a schoolgirl? All I know is that I felt awesome in this outfit, and I will be repeating it. Oh, yes, I will.

For the curious: My black wool dress is Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's, and I'd be lost without it. My white button-up is Banana Republic, and I watched a Youtube tutorial to learn how to cuff the sleeves like that. Cuffing sleeves can be surprisingly hard to do! My amazing gold belt is vintage, bought from Roulette Vintage. The teal cardigan is from JCPenney. The tights are from Target, and I wear them and other color tights all the time, because, you know, rules-schmules. My boots are White Mountain, and they are older than my son. They look like they are older than my son, too. I think it's time to replace them, but I think I'll keep my son a while longer. ;)

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