Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Put On a Cape, Rule the World!

I have a knack for buying things right at the end of the season. It's a great way to save a ton of money on those essential pieces you'll use for years and years, but its also a bummer because you buy this shiny new coat or pair of boots, and you get to wear them just once or twice (if at all) before the weather changes. When my friend Wendy from Roulette Vintage showed me this incredible vintage tweed cape, I couldn't resist it, even though I won't get many chances to wear it until winter starts again in September. (I'm only half-joking). A cape has been on my shopping list for years, and this vintage stunner was perfect, and at a price I couldn't refuse! 

Lucky for me, I live in Montana, where we know no seasons! I knew we'd have at least one more day of not-so-great weather so I could pull this treasure out of my closet. 

I was so excited when this cape arrived in the mail; it was even better than the photos showed! Check out the details. I can't get enough of the royal blue flecks in the tweed! 

I was going to wear riding boots, but instead I added a small feminine touch with some pointy-toed ballet flats with big bows. I think it makes for a nice look, though riding boots would have been pretty nice, too. Maybe next time...

A cape is a great option for jacket weather! It will keep you warm and makes it easy to do Tyrannosaurus arms, which is a must on chilly days.

What's even better than having Tyrannosaurus arms? Having a place to hide! You have to love a coat that will double as a safe place.

I can't see you, you can't see me!

It feels so good to check this item off my list. I'm glad I waited for the perfect cape to find me! There's a reason all the best superheros wear a cape: because it looks and feels freaking awesome!

For the curious: The amazing cape came from Roulette Vintage. This is a great Etsy shop; Wendy has a natural talent in finding unique vintage pieces in impeccable condition. Keep an eye on her Etsy shop and her Facebook page to get first dibs on all the best items!

I wanted the cape to be the focus of my outfit, so I kept everything else very simple. Both my black sweater and my purple camisole are from Forever 21; the jeans are from JCPenney. My adorable ballet flats are from Modcloth. My gold ring has been sitting in my jewelry box for fifteen years or so; my gold sparrow earrings are from Claire's.

Thanks to Kristi for taking all of these photos!

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