Monday, March 30, 2015

Refashion: Show Some Leg!

I spend a significant amount of my free time on the Internet, just looking at clothes. I can't help myself; I love this stuff! Sometimes I come across things that seem great in theory, but don't make much sense in practice. Like this gorgeous blue skirt I found on 

There's so much to love about this skirt. That color! That sheen! The subtle sexiness of a slit up the leg! The model looks polished and formal, yet relaxed. Who wouldn't want a skirt like this? I was tempted to put it in my cart, but $50 is more than I tend to shell out for things like this. Also, I don't have any reason to have something like this in my closet. When would I wear this? My lifestyle just does not include many formal or even semi-formal occasions. Besides, I already have a skirt like this.

Okay, there are a few differences between my semi-vintage mid-90's maxi skirt and the skirt above, but not many. The blue is pretty much right on, and the shape isn't far off, either. The bonus of my skirt, besides the fact that I already own it, is the tulle crinoline underneath that helps keep it fluffy.

The crinoline has always been my favorite part of this skirt, even though it never shows. I have thought about altering this skirt for years and years, and seeing the blue skirt on Asos inspired me to finally do something. I decided to try something simple and cut a slit in the skirt to show off the crinoline and my leg just a little.

Not bad! I like the tulle peeking out like this; it's unexpected and interesting, and makes it feel sexy but still a little understated. I might have to find a reason to wear this skirt again. This could be appropriate for grocery shopping or running errands or blogging, right?

For the curious: My black cotton shirt is from Forever 21 and the skirt is A Fortiori and was a gift given to me in 1997. It came with a cropped black velvet camisole and a long sleeved velvet jacket, just in case you doubted the time frame of this set. I still have both. My pointy toed patent leather kitten heels are Vince Camuto, found at Goodwill.

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