Sunday, April 12, 2015

Field Work with Amma!

You all remember Amma, right? She's my best friend and partner in Chinese food and all things awesome. She's also a bit of a local celebrity these days, with appearances in the newspaper and on television in connection with her advocacy for the LGBTQ community. She is making a big difference in our little Montana town, serving as co-president of Lambda-GFC, the LGBTQ+ alliance group at Great Falls College MSU, helping with the new LGBTQ Resource Center,  and hosting events held by Open Definition. I'm really proud of my bestie; she's a bit of a big deal! There are times, however, when even the biggest deals among us need to stand around in a field and pose, just because. 

About twenty minutes into our field excursion, we noticed signs of civilization: A shed and a decorative well! It was amazing!

Check out that bow!

On top of going to school full-time, working, advocating, and being the coolest person ever, Amma has great personal style! I love this white and orange shirt; it reminds me of a creamsicle, and it looks incredible with her blue and purple hair and her mermaid tattoo. I also love that she is wearing a skirt with sneakers, which is one of my new favorite pairings. Her outfit is simple and comfortable, but also a lot of fun, and most importantly, it is all Amma! Her personality shines through, and that is always the most important thing about fashion.

For the curious: Amma's striped tee is Mossimo from Target, and her skirt is b.true, purchased from a local boutique, The Walk In Closet. Her sneakers are Converse, of course. Converse is a must for cool people. I think it might actually be a law. Her belt is a mystery; it just showed up in her closet one day. I imagine it was hung on the horn of a unicorn that happened to be running on a rainbow. Her shopping trips are so much more interesting than mine. ;)

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