Monday, April 20, 2015

I Made This!

Less than a week after I said I was going to start sewing again, I have sewn something! Behold my first creation:

Also, check out how fast my hair is growing! 

This sweet little half apron took me approximately three hours to make, and it is really not that great. The skirt of the apron is a little lopsided, the tie is thicker on one end than on the other, the pockets are slightly different sizes, and my stitches are straight some of the time, but  not so very straight most of the time. Do I care about all the glaring imperfections of my apron? Not at all! It's fully functional and totally good enough, especially for my first sewing project in well over a decade. I'm just proud of myself for finishing something! 

I learned some very important things during this project. For one, I need to get a full-sized ironing board. I have a tiny board that I use on my dining table, and it has been perfect for the three times I've used it in my lifetime, but it isn't going to cut it for regular sewing projects. For two, I have terrible posture! My back is killing me from hunching over my tiny ironing board and my table and my sewing machine. I also learned that I am terribly impatient, and will have to slow down a lot if I want to make quality things. This apron is fine, really, but I know I can do better. I might give it another go before I move on to a different project, but hey, at least I got this one done! Huzzah!

For the curious: This entire project cost me a measly $3! I used a remnant I bought for half off at JoAnn's fabric, and it worked perfectly. I learned how to make the apron from a sewing course I bought from A Beautiful Mess. This course has been the perfect refresher, and I will be working through each project there before moving on to the really hard stuff. 

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