Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wigs and Birds and Rock Icons!

So, I have been awful about posting lately, but don't worry, I have a lame excuse! Once again, I'll be crying, "I've been busy!" and hoping it will be good enough for my readers. I've been working a lot more than usual at the day job, with longer shifts, more customers, and more side work. I'm not complaining, just saying that I have been a little more worn out after work than usual. I am also currently working as an actress for a dinner theater production later in June, so I've been spending a lot of my free time learning my lines and attending rehearsals and wearing a wig.

See, my character is a bit of a sexpot, and an awkward, half-grown out pixie cut does not fit the description, so I will totally wig it. Dinner theater (and wearing a wig) is a huge time commitment, but it is pretty awesome to call yourself a paid actress when living in a small city in Montana, so again, I'm not complaining. But let me say this: I am tired, you guys. Even so, with all the things going on in my life, I am still sewing! I'm not sewing nearly as much as I would like to be, but that's a combination of lack of time and lack of money. I have come to love the remnants bin at Jo-Ann, where I can find enough inexpensive fabric to make practical things, like covers for my awful throw pillows.

You're looking at about $12 total in that photo, and I'm proud of that fact, but the work itself is not that great. These envelope pillowcases are a simple project, but I somehow managed to mess it up. It came down to a problem with impatience while measuring: I cut things too short and left other things too long, and so the cases are baggy and weird and ill-fitting. I will fix them at some point, but right now, they are good enough as long as I keep the envelope openings turned to the back. 

I was going to keep sewing things like pillows and aprons and curtains, but I decided to forge ahead into clothing, since that's the skill I'm most interested in honing. Check it out; I made a skirt!

This Debbie Harry/Joan Jett tee was the last article of clothing I bought before the massive clothing purge. It's pretty much the greatest thing I have ever purchased. I think it go nicely with the birds.

I love, love, love this fabric! The color, the print, the drape...what's not to love? I bought only half a yard of this, which I am regretting now, especially because it's probably going to sell out before I can afford to buy more. Still, half a yard was enough for this simple elastic waist skirt, which I happen to be very proud of. This skirt took about an hour, but only because I was trying not to mess up. It's not like a pillow or an apron, where you can get away with shoddy work. I'm going to wear this thing; people will see it.

Check out that French Seam action! So crisp! So...French? I love it! It's almost a shame that it's on the inside of the skirt, where no one will ever see it.

I thought I'd have to wear the belt to disguise the elastic waist, but honestly, it doesn't look bad at all, just more relaxed. It's all good, because Debbie and Joan are pretty relaxed, too. This skirt is pretty comfy, and this fabric is so lightweight that it almost feels like I'm not wearing anything...so I might go back and add a liner, just to make it feel a little more substantial. Or, I might not. I might just move on because this skirt is pretty good as is. I'm actually wearing it today, as I type this! It's pretty exciting to make something I really want to wear. It makes me want to make more things! And make more things, I shall...as soon as I get some more free time.

For the curious: The awesome bird-print fabric is cotton poplin, purchased online from Mood Fabrics. I love Mood Fabrics; they always seem to be in such a great mood! When I ordered from Fabricworm, I didn't get a shipping confirmation until the day I received my order, nearly two weeks after I placed the order. With Mood Fabrics, they were all about the communication. They were like, "Hey, thanks for your order, we'll ship that soon!" "Guess what? We totally just shipped that awesome fabric for you!" "Your stuff is on its way, lady!" "Oh, hey, we just dropped that off in your mailbox, and also, we think you're cute!" It is always a pleasant experience, and the shipping is a little pricey ($9.95) but everything gets to you fast, so it's worth it. Plus, they have some incredible stuff, stuff I can't find at Jo-Ann. No offense to Jo-Ann, of course. My tee is from Nooworks.com, who also emailed me to ask if they could send it in white instead of gray, and that was awesome because I could tell the email was written by a real-life human being. It always excites me when an actual person writes the emails.

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