Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where did June go?

Okay, I have to confess: I have not sewn a thing all month. I'm stuck between a lack of money and time, along with a lack of ideas. A few months ago, I bought some amazing fabric. Take a look at this stuff:

I bought this stretchy cotton twill from Mood fabrics online, and every time I look at it, I swoon. The problem is, I don't have much of it; this was a bit of an impulse purchase, and since I wasn't buying it for a specific project, I bought just a single yard, thinking that would be enough for something fun. Turns out, a single yard isn't enough for anything really fun, like a dress or a top, which I think would be perfect for this fabric. I could make a skirt, but I think this fabric is too stiff for another elastic waist skirt like I made last month, so it would have to be something with a bit more structure, which is a tad beyond my skill level at the moment. I've been perusing patterns trying to find something I'd like to make, but it seems like anything I like requires more than the one yard I bought. So, though I have sworn that I would not stockpile fabric in the interest of keeping my home uncluttered, this awesome stuff is going to be set aside until I can figure out what to do with it. I might just buy more of it, if it's still available...but that's almost too easy, isn't it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Seriously, make some suggestions. In the meantime, I will just have to get my hands on some more fabric (note to self: buy more than a single yard) and find something to do.

The idea of finding something to do makes me laugh a little right now. June has been crazy! On top of the normal stuff like work and kid care, I've had a ton going on this month. My boyfriend and I decided to end our long distance relationship and resume a no distance relationship. He has moved back to Montana, and his twin daughters are here with us for the summer. I've been spending a lot of time playing Uno and coloring. Coloring is great for stress relief, in case you didn't know. Dinner theater has kept me busy as usual, but we are nearly done with this run, so before I know it, I will be left with that empty, "What now?" feeling I always get after wrapping up a show. My birthday came and went, and when I did my annual life inventory check, I realized that, more than anything, I'm just really tired, and I need to make some changes in my life so that I can be less tired. Maybe if I didn't feel so tired all the time, I could live my life AND write a blog. I like to dream big, you guys.

In all seriousness, and all tiredness aside, I will be getting back on the blog train more regularly very soon. I miss this stuff. I need to figure out what exactly I'm doing here. I'm still grappling with my feelings about clothes and fashion. Since I ditched most of my wardrobe a few months ago, I've been feeling apathetic about what I wear. These days, my outfit choices come down to what is clean and within arm's reach. This is a convenient way to dress oneself, but it isn't the most inspiring way to do it. I miss giving a crap about my clothes. Ideally, I'd have a dresser full of handmade clothes that fit my body and my personality perfectly. Realistically, it will be a long time before I have the skill to have an entire me-made wardrobe. What to do in the meantime? I think I need to do some shopping. Careful, mindful, in-person (not online) shopping. It has been so long since I bought clothes, I'm not sure I know how to do it anymore. Since I've been in this fashion grey area, I'm not even sure about my personal style anymore. I think it might be time to delve into that, and figure out what I want my clothes to say about me. In the meantime, a little awkwardness never hurt anyone, right? Right. :)


  1. You could make a cute handbag out of it. :) A little tote with a pop of something bright for the lining. Yellow?

  2. Oooh, that would be fantastic!