Thursday, July 23, 2015

Digging deep!

It's difficult to put outfits together when you have not much to work with, but somehow, I soldier on. I'm determined to stop wearing the same outfit over and over like I have been, but I'm also determined to avoid clothes shopping for another month or two. I have had to dig deep and push myself. Is it so bad? 

Lucky for me, I have this white skirt that I totally forgot about. I have always said that my spirit animal is the cheerleader, and that is exactly why I bought this skirt oh so long ago. Pleats are my favorite! I just wish I had some pom-poms!

Modeling skills!

Normally, I would hate having part of my graphic tee hidden like this, but I like this a whole lot better than dealing with the white shirt right on top of the white skirt and seeing that the two shades of white differ ever so slightly. That's the real reason I layered: to put some distance between the two shades of white. I think the shirt is still interesting enough without showing the entire design, but it does kill me just a little to hide it. So, just for the heck of it, here's the whole thing:

Ugh, I love this tee! I wear it all the time; I have even featured it on my blog before. I'm pretty much convinced that it goes with everything, just like my amazing vintage gold belt. I think that belt might just be one of my favorite things I own, and I feel great every time I wear it. And of course, these shoes are definite keepers:

I know I complain about my tiny wardrobe a lot, but even though I don't have a lot of options, the options I do have are all clothes and accessories I really love. It may be more difficult to find new combinations this way, but when I do find something that works, it really works. I feel more confident in this outfit than I do in my requisite jeans and tee combo, while being equally as comfortable as I am in jeans. I'm excited to see what else I can come up with!

For the curious: My skirt is Banana Republic, bought from a consignment shop months and months ago. My Stormtrooper tee is from Forever 21 and was a unicorn of sorts; I regret that I didn't buy two. I will cry and cry the day I can no longer wear it. My chambray shirt is from Old Navy, bought online back before I decided to stop shopping there. My shoes are from Modcloth, and they are the tiniest bit too big, so I shove a cotton ball in the toes to keep them on my feet. That may seem weird, but it works so well.

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