Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dancing Girls are Dancing!

I have finally broken out of my clothing rut! I bought something! After much deliberation, I decided that I can buy clothes and feel good about it, as long as said clothes are second hand. This isn't a huge departure from my old norm for buying clothes; I love second hand stores and consignment shops! The difference is that I've decided to buy exclusively from such places, and I feel so, so much better about buying clothes now. So hey, check it out: I bought a shirt!

Talk about a lucky find! This adorable blouse is designed by Rebecca Antonoff and it is 100% silk. I can't even handle the pattern; how could I pass up these adorable dancing girls? This top feels like butter and looks like vintage, but it's fairly new. It's heaven in clothing form. I love it! Just look at these details:

Those buttons!

That sleeve! Those girls and their dancing!
These shoes and their shoe-ness!
I've always loved shopping online (is there anything better than receiving packages?) but I did not buy this from an online shop, per se. I found this beauty on Instagram! I didn't even know you could buy things on Instagram, but apparently, it's totally legit. It's not quite like Etsy or Ebay, where you can see reviews from other customers and get an idea of a seller's reliability, but hey, this one worked out great! I paid (a ridiculously small amount of money) with PayPal and had my shirt just a few days later. I have since started following about a million vintage and thrift types of pages, and I have so much fun just looking at all the cool things people find out there. I might go totally broke now, and I am okay with that.

For the curious: My blouse came from Vintage Afterlife on Instagram, @vintageafterlife. Do give her a follow; she has some amazing treasures available, and she is an absolute dream to work with. She is fast and polite and I bet she's just as cute as a bug in a rug, and she has some great prices to boot. My skirt is the same lovely second hand Banana Republic skirt from previous posts; I seem to be reaching for it more and more! I bought my shoes from a tiny online shop a few years ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. I will edit this post to include the shop and a link as soon as I figure it out. My necklace was made special for me by a new friend, and it is so out-of-this-world amazing that I will be posting a totally separate blog post about it in the next couple of days. :D

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