Monday, December 21, 2015

Bunny Tights!

I love dresses and skirts, and though I do wear them plenty during the warmer months, I find that I gravitate toward them more often when it's freaking freezing out. Who knows why I do this? Maybe it's my own version of being perpetually late to the party. Maybe I'm a badass rebel. Maybe I'm just not very practical. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter because I know how to do it right: with tights and layers!

I don't know what I wore before I bought this dress, but it was probably lame, whatever it was. I've been trying different ways of making this dress seem more fresh. This time, I went with the long sleeve tee layered underneath, and the most adorable tights in the whole entire world. Do you see that? Business in the front, bunnies in the back! I almost died when I found these tights, and I might still go back and buy myself a few extra pairs just to have when I inevitably wear these to pieces. Because believe me, I will wear these to shreds. Check out the details:


Another reason I wear dresses during winter: I don't spent much time outside, anyway. I lasted for about a minute in the icy wind before packing up my camera and running back inside. I know the lighting is better outside, but I often ask myself, is it really worth it? 

In other news, I still adore my vintage gold belt and will never, ever stop wearing it with this dress. I feel like they were made to be together! As for shoes, I usually wear a ballet flat with pretty much everything, but I've been wanting something more like an oxford, and decided to start simple with some slip-ons with a moderate heel and dangerously slippery soles. It's okay if a shoe is dangerous as long as it's cute, right?

But seriously, you guys. These tights. For real.

For the curious: My old faithful black fit and flare dress is and always will be Jennifer Lopez for Kohls. I got my floral sleeved top from Blooming Lily Boutique, and the bodice is striped like the cuffs on the sleeve. My amazing tights are from Tabbisocks, who will definitely be getting more of my money in the very near future. My shoes are second hand, bought from an Instagram shop many moons ago. I can't remember which shop for the life of me, but I can tell you they are from Easy Spirit, and they are incredibly comfortable. 

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