Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve and a Selfie Stick!

It's Christmas Eve, and I have the day off! Actually, I am in the middle of a Christmas miracle because somehow, I wound up with a four-day weekend. I will gladly take this gift of leisure time and use it in the best way possible: lounging around in a bar!

My boyfriend wasn't so lucky today, and had to work a half day. He happens to work in the bar of the restaurant where I used to work, which is pretty freaking fancy. I decided that his 6-year-old twin daughters and I needed to come invade his space for a moment to have Italian sodas, a nice lunch, and some fun with a selfie stick.

Clover, as captured by Piper.

Piper, as captured by Clover.
I had the phone set to selfie mode, but Clover and Piper preferred to have the camera facing out, so they could take pictures of the people around them instead of themselves. This thing is amazing; I can share my camera phone with small children without worrying about them dropping it or accidentally erasing all my contacts! It kept them happily occupied for a long time, which is a big deal when dealing with six-year-olds. I never thought I'd say this, but I love the selfie stick, and I'm so glad Joe bought one for me. That man knows gifts!

As for the rest of this non-holiday holiday, I plan to do some more lounging, this time in front of some classic Christmas movies with some Christmas cookies and some totally secular hot chocolate. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whether you celebrate this one or not. I hope all of you with kids don't get woken up at 5am, and that your holiday dinner discussions don't get too controversial. And most of all, I hope that if you have one of those Elves, that you pack it away with as much joy as I do. :)

For the curious: My massive, soft, cashmere cardigan is Michael Kors, bought for a song from my favorite Instagram shop, @senias_shop. I will be wearing it a lot because it's like a robe you can wear as clothes! So, so comfy. My boots are Dirty Laundry from Mod Cloth, and I'm not sure how I've made it this long without a pair of casual boots. I usually wear my sneakers in the snow, which isn't a great idea, but more feasible to me than wearing my practical but ugly snow boots. These are perfect, as they handle the snow and ice beautifully, and the faux fur lining makes them extra soft and warm. I also love that I can fold them down, or wear them taller as needed. 

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