Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's go for a run! Or not!

So, I decided to take up running again. I declared to my family that I will be running in the Ice Breaker Road Race, which takes place in the spring. No one at work wants to run it with me; my coworkers all blurted out a strong NO as soon as I said the words "Would you like to run..." It's okay, though, because both of my kids have decided they want to run it with me, so I am all set! My son has been nagging me to take him running at the track at his school, and since he's pretty good at nagging, we went to the track.

We got poised to start...

And then I stayed behind and let the kid run.

I was ill-prepared for a run. Riding boots? Not for running. But damn, I looked cute on that gravel!

I was so busy being distracted by my incredible vintage knit poncho with fringe that I didn't even realize my son was about to lap me.

He might be perplexed by my selfies, but I doubt even he could deny the perfection that is this outfit! And for a bonus, this poncho has pom-poms! Poms-poms! I love pom-poms, but how on Earth am I going to run without them smacking me in the face? I had to sit this one out...for safety reasons!

My daughter was also dressed too cute for running, with her pattern-mashing ways and adorable little booties. 

She ran, anyway, which made me feel a tiny bit of guilt for standing around in front of my camera instead. Both my kids get participation ribbons today. All I get are pom-poms. But hey, pom-poms are still pretty sweet.

For the curious: My poncho is vintage, purchased from an Instagram shop months and months ago, so I can't remember which shop. It's pretty incredible; comfortable, warm, and so much fun. Everyone should get a poncho. EVERYONE. My boots are from Nordstrom Rack, and my jeans are the same pair of jeans I always wear anytime I wear jeans. Also, I did run before this shoot, at the gym, on a treadmill, wearing proper running attire and shoes. That's why my legs look so tired. ;)

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