Sunday, January 10, 2016

You can't make me go outside!

Today's outfit post started outdoors; it was so nice and sunny and white, I thought it would make for an incredible photo shoot. I figured I would just get out there, take a few photos, then run back into my warm house and climb into my fireplace. I got myself put together and made it outside for maybe thirty seconds before deciding that it was just too freaking cold for nice pictures. Sorry, guys. It was zero degrees, and my limit is way above that, hovering somewhere around 60. So, I'm back inside, standing around and looking cute in front of my fireplace!

I know, I know: it is zero degrees, and I'm wearing a skirt and ballet flats. I just don't care about being practical as much as I care about being cute. I wore this vintage wool skirt a lot during fall, back when it made sense, and I'm having a hard time putting it away. I has pockets! Pockets! Look at that beautiful plaid! Look at that color! Look at how nice it looks with my yellow cardigan, and my favorite flats (lately)! You know how I feel about mixing a semi-fancy skirt with a graphic tee, and this tee is awesome, mostly because it's true: I ain't no wifey. Why shouldn't I wear this incredible get-up? I can't think of a single good reason. Other than the zero degrees. But whatever.

You might have noticed something else going on here. I get a job as an optician, and three months later, glasses appear on my face. In the past, I have worn glasses as an accessory, but not much, since I always felt stupid wearing glasses with no prescription in them. These are the real deal, meant to correct a minor problem I have with crossing my eyes, which causes migraines. Here's a closer look at my new specs: 

I love these frames! I wanted to go with something bold, but shied away at the end and went with something semi-bold instead. My next pair will be neon colored and covered in blinking lights, trust me. In fact, I will be starting a sweet little spectacle collection, because I love, love, love glasses! It's so exciting to be "allowed" to wear them now, and to get a great discount to boot.

I just realized that in the last photo, my shirt looks like it could say "Ain't no Wifi." This is also a true statement a lot of the time, and it just made me love the shirt even more.

For the curious: The Wifey/Wifi tee was a birthday gift from my bestie, Amma, who knows me so well, it's almost creepy. I'm not sure where she got it, but I do get asked about it every time I wear it. My wool skirt is vintage, another perfect find from my favorite Instagram shop, @senias_styleshop. When I got it, it was too long, and made me look like an old school marm, so I lopped off six inches and hemmed it, and never took it off again. My cardigan is ModCloth, and I still can't remember where I found my adorable shoes. The glasses are Diane von Furstenberg, and they don't have a cool name like some frames do. I might name them myself. I haven't decided yet.

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