Monday, May 23, 2016

Ladies Before Hades!

Oh, hi! I fell down a rabbit hole that I can only describe as "Meh." My life consists of work and home, work pants then sweat pants, lots of crap food, and an uncharacteristic obsession with fictional people on television. Motivation has been nil, and I've been going through false start after false start after false start. Medication has helped a little, but I'm feeling like there has to be a better way to get out of this hole. Let's just say, I'm working on it, doing the best I can, day by day. 

Don't get me wrong: I have had some bright spots! My sister is back in the states after a million years living overseas, and she just happens to be a simple train ride away, which means I will actually get to see her and my niece and nephew, which is a HUGE improvement to my life. Also, at some point, months and months ago, I finally did something with this geometric fabric that I've had in my stash for eons, and it turned out okay!

When I finished this skirt, I was so, so proud of myself! I had just one yard of this fabric, which turned out to be just enough for this pleated skirt. I had plans to wear it, but then the weather became unfriendly, so I put it in my closet and promptly forgot about it. In fact, it has been so long since I made this that I can't remember the tutorial I used to make it. I'm really proud of this one because I use interfacing for the waistband (no elastic here!) and I added a hot pink zipper without frustration. 

Of course, it's not a perfect project. There's a good reason I'm not showing the inside of the skirt (it's not pretty), and I feel like the pleats could be better. I also noticed when I wore it during this shoot that every time I bend over, the snaps in the back come undone, which is a bit of a deal breaker. It's okay, though! I can and will fix that! 

I haven't been buying a lot of clothes lately, but I had to expand my t-shirt collection with this awesomeness: 

Rhymes and flowers? Uh, duh. I also bought some black wedges months and months ago, though I haven't had a chance to wear them, either. I've been looking for a shoe like this for a long time, and you would think something so simple would be pretty easy to find, but no. Also, I have to confess that I bought these, put them in my closet, and promptly forgot about them. This is a theme in my life that needs to stop.

Another bright spot in my life? My hair is nearly pony-tail length! As of now, I can pull it back into a nubby thing, which feels like a huge victory when I want to go for a run or climb some mountains or fight a grizzly bear. These two photos were taken exactly one year apart.

Pretty cool, right? It's brushing my shoulders! I'll just always be grateful to be past that awkward mid-length phase. I really thought I wouldn't make it through, but with some strategic avoidance of mirrors, I survived.

For the curious: My t-shirt is from Society6, and you better believe I will be going back for more. My cardigan is old, old, old, from The Limited, and I got the fabric for the skirt from Mood fabrics online. I swear I will fix the snaps so I can actually wear it in real life. My wedges are from Instagram, from my favorite shop, @senias_styleshop.