Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hair Happiness!

Do not underestimate the power of hair happiness. Hair love = self love. I tend to forget this sometimes, and will go months and months just letting my hair hang there. It doesn't look bad, exactly, but it doesn't look good, either. My dark blonde roots start to take over the platinum blonde while my ends get straggly as they reach my shoulders. The result is a look that suggests I'm en route to some sort of style, but not quite there yet. My loving boyfriend, Joe, put it in a way that makes sense: It's good to have a hairstyle that looks like it is being done on purpose, rather than looking like something you're stuck with for the time being. So, I went ahead and did my hair on purpose.

I have always wanted my hair to be long and full and curly, but my hair wants to be short, sleek, and straight. I've decided to let my hair be what it wants to be, and it has never been better. This is true hair happiness. I hope you find some hair happiness in your life, too.

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