Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Last Day of Spring Break!

It's the last day of spring break, which means my kids insist on staying in their pajamas for the entire day. They have good ideas. I had similar aspirations for my day, but my laziness capped at about an hour in bed. It's not spring break for me; I still have stuff to do. So, I got out of bed, and I got dressed.

I put on pants! I deserve an award!

Isn't it nice out? It looks like spring, all sunny and slightly breezy and no snow anywhere. I know my fellow Montanans are wearing shorts and tank tops and sandals, but not me. I'm still cold! It's only 60 degrees out there, which is about 20 degrees below what I'd like it to be. I'm still using my electric blanket and the heated seats in the car! I need warmth, so I'm going with this vintage letterman sweater. It might not look like much, but not only is it ridiculously cool (can you even handle the wildcat patch?), it is also one of my warmest sweaters.

Side note: The shadow looks like a bunny!

I didn't realize it while I was getting dressed, but now I'm noticing a vintage theme to my outfit. The sweater is from the 1950's, the unicorn pin is from the 1980's, and my earrings are made with vintage style prints from the 1930's. As we all know, Converse sneakers were created at the same time as the mountains and the seas, and have been a classic across all decades. 


I always wear this pin with this sweater. The top button is missing, and the lone buttonhole looks weird without its button. I could just replace the button, but I don't feel like hunting one down, so I cover the hole with the majestic unicorn. We all know that unicorns are neutral, so it works with everything.

You may have noticed that my earrings don't match.  Most people don't notice; I don't think anyone spends much time examining earlobes. These earrings are different, but they're just alike enough that it works. It always feel like I'm getting away with something when I wear these. Look at how cute they are!

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I love sneakers. I have lots of them, and I like them fun and colorful and unique. The problem is, fun and colorful and unique sneakers tend to be specialized, and will not go with everything. Mint sneakers are like mint toothpaste: Mix it with the wrong flavor, and you will die. So, after years of wearing pink, mint, and patterned sneakers, I finally decided to get something neutral. I thought my soul might die with something so practical, but no, my soul is just fine.

It has been a long time since I wore a pair of Converse. I've been bouncing around between Adidas and Puma and Superga. The last pair of Converse I had were purchased over 5 years ago, and they were painted with Wonder Woman. Those suckers looked new for years until suddenly, out of nowehere, they were falling apart. I couldn't bear to get rid of them, so I keep them by the front door and I use them for yard work. It's the circle of life. :)

For the curious: My vintage sweater is from an Instagram shop, but I can't remember which one. I stalked it for months, then pounced on it when it went on sale for $20. My unicorn pin is also from an Instagram shop, but I'm a terrible person, so I can't remember that one, either. My earrings are from the Etsy shop byElena. She has all sorts of mismatched (and matched) goodness.

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