Monday, April 24, 2017

Who Gives a Shoe?

The basic black Oxford dress shoe. If chosen wisely, it can a become the foundation for an admirable wardrobe capable of getting you to the alter, off to work, out for the night and if taken care of properly, sold on eBay to make half your money back or better. Hi there! My name is Joe Ryan and you may already have seen a few pics of me on this blog. Melanie was kind enough to invite me to contribute a few words here and there... so here I am. And there you go.

Heh, I am going to pretend my humor is normal and hopefully you'll get used to it. 

Back to shoes.

My last pair of dress shoes finally wore out and I have recently taken a day job with a slightly more business-like dress code.  I knew that I would be on my feet and I suffer from lower back problems. I needed to make a smart choice when choosing my new pair of shoes. They need to be versatile 
because if I spend a bit more to guarantee a higher level of comfort, it may be that I cannot afford another pair of casual shoes (or so the little voice in my head tells me). Plus, I am always trying to find the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of everything I buy. Maybe I am just trying to sound smart... Whatever. I digress. I digress a lot. Sorry. I won't keep apologizing though. I know that get's tiresome. It's safe to keep reading.

I went upon my search for classic styles in dress shoes and settled upon a pair that fit all of my criteria. Comfort, durability, versatility of style and of course it had to be in my price range. I went with a pair from Red Wings because I knew that if they didn't live up to all of their lofty claims, I could send them back, their warranty was second to none, and it almost goes without saying they need to make a white tee and blue jeans look good. The icing is that I found the exact style of shoe for sale on Ebay, and still commanding a price reminiscent of the used Honda Civic market.

Oh, what's that? I get to buy more stuff like a shoe shine kit and bore Melanie with stories from my time in the Marines?

I am so there, conveniently worded joke that goes with my silly pictures!

After about 2 months of wear, I can honestly say these things are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They make me feel good at work, and that is what I bought them for. I should mention that I had to wear them non-stop for roughly 3 weeks before they properly broke in and stopped giving me blisters. It's worth it; when I get home from a long day, take off my work clothes, slip on my denim jeans... and put my work shoes back on.

If you were wondering: The shoes I settled on were the Red Wing Heritage Postman Oxford. I am not trying to sell you on them, so no link for you. I recommend calling the company directly and having a chat. Cheers!

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