Saturday, May 13, 2017

2 Wrongs Can't Make a White T-Shirt

Last week was blue jeans and this week it's white t-shirts: If I were a chef, I'd be a sushi chef. I find joy in perfecting the basics... or something like that. Blue jeans and a white tee, does it get any more basic? Iconic? Woefully taken for granted? Yes, yes and yes.

I decided to do a mannequin thing for this shoot. 

I shrunk my blue jeans for the 2nd time so they are actually fitting a bit better, but we will have to talk about that next time. I happened to walk into Ross the day they got a shipment and I made the wise choice of stocking up on white t-shirts because they remain an indispensable item in any person's wardrobe. 

I was actually thinking, "I wonder what I'd be thinking about if I was a real mannequin."
I happened to score 4 different manufacturer's t-shirts which never really happens to me so I thought it would be appropriate to let you all see my process. I want to find the "perfect" white t-shirt. If not perfect, then at least I want to know who can make me a quality product that won't lose its shape after 2 wears like all Walmart t-shirts do. I have wasted enough money on that stuff and would like a bit more return on my investment.

I don't know if I am waving or patting a really tall dog on the head.
So I took my 4 bags of shirts that had 3 or 4 in each and took 2 out each. 1 to toss in a wash and hot dry cycle and the other to throw on brand new, which I am known to do. The pics order are: Calvin Klein, Gold Toe, Levi and Polo where the first one is brand new and the second pick has been shrunk in the wash. 100% Cotton. So good, but man you have to watch the shrink factor!

I was actually trying to react to Lucy the way a mannequin would react. Doesn't make much sense. But I am chuckling as I write this so I am going with it.
I have always felt it was weird that we buy things in our size, and accept the fact they are going to shrink. Every shirt shrunk a bit, but nothing too bad and I actually prefer the more fitted feel of a nice close-fitting t-shirt as opposed to the baggie shirts of my youth. Yup, baggie shirts with pictures of Bugs Bunny characters wearing baggie clothes. We all make mistakes.

I don't even know. Waiving goodbye to mannequin aliens? Sadly?
I am trying to see which manufacturers I can trust to make a quality product, because I really wear white tees every single day and I don't want to suffer in silence while I have to replace shirts with stretched out collars and sleeves that don't cover my shoulders properly, getting all bunched up underneath my dress shirts. 

I feel like this mannequin pose would be good for business attire. Don't I look like I am ready for work?
I know I might be asking for too much but I have hope. I used to wear this Obey graphic tee all the time and long past it's usefulness simply because it held it's shape for so long and fit me perfectly. Sure, it was black so I didn't have to fuss over stains and bleach but it got me thinking that I might be able to have my white t-shirt and eat it, too. 

Now I am starting to think that standing awkwardly is coming too easy and I become alarmed.
I know what you are thinking. You want to explain to me that the shirts I purchased are made to be worn underneath garments and therefore will be of lighter build and/or cheaper quality than a trendy shirt that costs 4 times what one might pay for a regular white t-shirt. Hey, the experimenting and research is half the fun! Of these, I have the highest hope for the Gold Toe shirts. They feel a bit heavier than the other 3 so I will be keeping a close eye to track about how long it lasts me. 

What am I doing?
When I sit down and think about all the t-shirts I have loved before, they have all cost me more than $20 each, and they last me more than 2 years. These cheaper shirts I have been purchasing have actually been costing me more in the long run. Maybe one of these shirts will work. Maybe not, and my search will continue for that perfect fit and feel. I enjoy the hunt. I enjoy engaging and being mindful about things that have become synonymous with not thinking. Don't want to think about fashion? Blue jeans, white t-shirt. That's where they've caught us... I think? 

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