Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Today has been a rough day. I spent minutes struggling with my lawnmower, trying to get the thing to start, and it is still dead. I Googled it, I went to Ace Hardware and talked to a man about it, I spilled gasoline in my car, I tinkered with the thing, I cursed at it, and I kicked it, and it still won't start. So, I had to tackle my overgrown yard with a weed whacker and an old school push mower that has no engine at all. It took forever, as my little mower has to run over the same spot a few times to make any real impact, but now my terrible yard looks a little less bad. I'm exhausted and my arms are useless, so I'm going to reflect on happier times, when I at least looked like I had my shit together.

I bought this top because of the puffy sleeves. Who doesn't want to look like Snow White? While I have a problem with every top being too cropped, this one has the opposite problem: it's way too long. It's really more of a tunic, and if I were shorter and wore cuter underwear, I might be able to wear this as a dress. So, even though I love it, this top got shoved in a drawer somewhere and I rarely wore it. I thought about donating it many times, but I couldn't let it go. Now, I'm glad I still have it; this shirt is having a moment in my life, and it's pretty fantastic.


The super long length of this shirt doesn't mean a thing when I wear it with a skirt like this. It's almost like a slip. The wind around here gets intense, so it's nice to have an extra barrier between the town of Great Falls and my underwear in case a rouge gust comes along and lifts my skirt. It has happened before.

I've been slightly obsessed with pins and brooches lately; they have become my go-to accessory. My collection is slowly growing, as I like to buy myself a new pin every month. They're usually under ten dollars, and there are some incredible artists out there making some great pins. This heart pin is new old stock from the 80's, bought from an Etsy shop. I love everything about it!

The shoes have been a part of my wardrobe for over a decade. Ugh, I love them! They are so comfortable and easy to walk in, and they are ridiculously cute. This is how I'm smashing patterns here, with the floral on my feet and the stripes up top; I normally would go with a basic black flat. I think this is so much better, don't you?

I suppose I should stop living in the past and just fix my stupid lawnmower so my neighbors can stop worrying about me. But whatever, clothes are so much more fun than lawnmower maintenance, anyway. I'll get to it eventually. Probably.

Lawnmowers, anyway...

For the curious: I bought my top from an Instagram shop about two years ago, so I can't remember which shop it came from. I'll probably shorten it a bit so I can wear it with pants. My white skirt is Banana Republic, bought from ThredUp. The pin is from papercherries on Etsy, but she is closing the shop on May 31, so if you want to look, you better look now. My shoes are Steve Madden, spotted in a magazine and hunted down on Ebay many, many years ago. My belt is from Roulette Vintage on Etsy, and I'm starting to think it isn't as old as I thought it was, though I can't seem to find any solid information about this style of belt. Oh, well, I still love it. My bag is Kate Spade, and I keep everything I own it it. All photos were taken by Joe, who is really kicking ass at photos lately.

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